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Feelings control our lives, they control what we say or don’t say, also what we do or don’t do , feelings also affect our attitudes and all decisions we make, so they are very important to lives , hence we need to know more about them. Feelings can be positive or negative (unwanted), constructive or destructive. Here in lies the key to finding happiness and success in the various areas of our lives be it, at work, at home, or in our social life.

Think about this fact, we can’t actually see our feelings, but we sure experience them. Good or positive feelings are fine, they feel expansive, light and enjoyable, the spice of life so to say. Conversely the unwanted negative feelings are another matter and the reason for this article. Negative feelings feel heavy, restrictive and they often stop us doing what we would like to do which can and does result in unhappiness and failure in our lives.

How often have you heard someone say “I feel weighed down problems”, what they are actually experiencing is the heaviness of the unwanted negative feelings. Research and application in a completely new direction, which has been carried out over many years has proven that we each create all of our own feelings. This many seem like bad news when we think of our unwanted negative feelings, but it has lead to some very good news. If we are responsible for creating our own negative feelings, then we can also be responsible to also do away with them permanently, with a little help and direction. I will explain how this is achieved later , but first I will explain how they are created and then play out in our lives.

Positive feelings we knowingly create, these are fine and cause us no problems, while negative ones are unknowingly created during times when we are overwhelmed in life, such as a shock, trauma or upset, especially times when our whole world seems to collapse and who has not experienced this.

You may be wondering why we would ever create a negative feeling, well, in a normal condition we would not, but while in the overwhelm of the afore mentioned upsets it’s a completely different matter. This research has found that once we have these overwhelms, it’s almost as if we stay in the bubble of the feeling of the overwhelm or drop back into it easily until it is addressed with this new method.

Some examples of this:-

  1. Say a person looses a partner in tragic circumstances and you find them still experiencing the sadness years and years later, they are still stuck in the bubble I mentioned.
  2. Another person who is normally happy then drops into a rage for no apparent reason, they have dropped back into the bubble of an old upset and are dramatising it. A common way to explain this is, that, the person has been triggered.

There are many more examples, but generally when a person reacts irrationally they have dropped back into an old feeling belonging to the bubble of an earlier upsetting overwhelm.

Once these negative feelings are accidentally created, they affect our lives in the same way as a virus affects a computer, either by bringing out wrong answers, causing more upsets and problems or by stopping us doing what we want to, in other words they stop us being our true self. This research has also proven that, the more times we experience or play out these negative feelings the stronger they become and the weaker we become, then they control us. Hence the earlier statement , Our Feelings Control out Lives and not always in helpful or positive way.

Check this list out to see if any negative feelings are controlling you?

  1. Do you often say or do something (react), then regret it almost immediately?
  2. Do you lose your cool easily or stress a lot?
  3. In general, are relationships troublesome for you?
  4. Do you experience study or learning problems?
  5. Do you suffer from a phobia?
  6. Are you suffering from Post Natal Depression?
  7. Are you an ex-service person suffering P.T.S.D?
  8. Do you seem to be stuck in a low mood?
  9. Do you suffer reoccurring bad dreams?
  10. Is procrastination holding you back in life or causing you a problem?
  11. Is low self esteem or lack of confidence holding you back?

These are only some of the problems that have quickly surrendered to this unique and simple method. All the above indicate that one or more negative feelings are in control.
If you have answered yes to one or more of the above problems as promised, I will explain how you can delete or do away with them permanently.


The body of knowledge behind this new method, which, as I said earlier is a result of many years of research and refinement, has been named CAUSISM™. This name was chosen because it has the client deal only with the actual cause of any type of problem, quickly, without the client having to relive or talk about any embarrassing or traumatic experience.

This research and experience has concluded that just talking about life’s problems has no permanent therapeutic effect and can even make a client feel worse. It’s not what has happened to us (the story) that is important, only the negative effects we still carry as a result of upsets, when these are addressed properly with this new method, then we are really set free to just enjoy our lives.

The actual method used has been named the MACE ENERGY METHOD, after John Mace from Perth W.A. the founder and researcher.

The word energy is used because it has been found that every negative feeling is holding captive some of our precious energy and potential in negativity. Incidentally energy is similar to a feeling in as much as you can’t actually see it , but we certainly observe it’s effects.

When your negative feelings are deleted using this method, what happens is the energy being held captive comes back to you to add to your positive side. My favourite analogy, it is similar to getting your money back from a bad investment, so you can make a fresh start and enjoy your life.

This method does not generally require more than one or two sessions and can be done over SKYPE or telephone. Deleting negative feelings has been a life changing experience for many people, if you would like or need to experience this, please refer to CONTACT US on my website


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