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The Causism Institute is the international training and education centre for training people around the world in a revolutionary non-talk therapy called the Mace Energy Method. The Mace Energy Method is a quantum leap, creating a new pathway in emotional health and well-being. Graduates of the Causism Institute are recognised as licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioners, and can help people from anywhere in the world.


Having been established as an educational institution, the Causism Institute offers programs that aim to train people about the theoretical foundations of Causism and its practical well-being application called the Mace Energy Method. These are the certification programs currently being offered, with opportunities for advancement within the institute.


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The program offered to anyone who wants to become a Mace Energy Method Practitioner. No matter where you are and no matter your profession, you can train under this program.


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An advanced certification program offered to licensed MEM Practitioners who are interested in learning how to use the principles offered by Causism in order to design and to implement individual or group wellness programs.


Programs and Services Well-being Services

The program offered to certified MEM Practitioners who want to specialise in the different therapeutic areas of the Mace Energy Method. Delve further into the MEM Therapies.


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The training program for trainers; offered to certified and licensed MEM Practitioners who have completed the MEM Specialisation and Causism Facilitation Programs. If you wish to train incoming MEM Practitioners, this program is for you.

All my life, I felt guilty. As a result, I thought I had to pretend to be whatever others wanted me to be. After my MEM counselling session, I felt light and free and all my guilt feelings were gone. I regained the lovely feeling of innocence. Before my session I kept my body covered. Now, I wear what I like. I am not inhibited in any way. The Mace Energy Method is the best thing I have ever done. I am free to be me now.



I was feeling angry all the time and was getting into trouble at home and school. I had a MEM Therapy Session and it was amazing how good I felt. I didn’t feel angry anymore, I just felt lighter and a whole lot more positive about myself.



I have been at my job for over twenty years, but unfortunately, I had a work related accident which injured my back. It took a few months before I could return to work. Even though back at work, the injury kept giving me problems. After a while, workmates and bosses turned on me accusing me of bludging. This caused me great stress. After one session of the Mace Method, all the stress went. Now I just go to work do and enjoy my job. I no longer use Valium nor do I react to other’s comments. Also, I have not had a cranky day since. The big bonus is that when the stress feelings went my back stopped giving me problems. BT


Thanks for a wonderful session and experience today. I feel somehow different, lighter, wiser, calmer, and in harmony. I feel that I am practicing expression of my true self most of the time or maybe I could say, all the time. I don’t remember if I ever felt this way before – at least with the intensity that I am feeling right now. I love who I am and I love my life. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else, and I wouldn’t want to have anyone else’s life. I love me! Thank you!



I have tried everything from psychology, acupuncture, kinesiology and hypnotism to ease my anxiety. After my session with you, I felt more confident and calm within. A lot of my anxiety was removed and I feel I can cope with any stressful situation over which I would previously panic. I also notice that my physical health and well-being has improved a great deal.



I wish to thank you for the wonderful changes in my life since having that session with you. Over my life, I have suffered with depression and anxiety. I’ve tried many modalities to heal and change this condition. They all helped to some degree but the depression still reared its ugly head. After one session with you, the change is so profound that I have decided to train with you and become a practitioner. It is the only modality that has completely eradicated my depression.



Thanks for the great phone session. I came face to face with my ex-partner this week. Usually, I am very upset and it lasts for a few days. This time, I could hardly believe it. The meeting had absolutely no effect on me. I feel so much stronger now. Thanks again.



One session of the Mace Method achieved what a long list of anti-psychotic and antidepressant drugs could not. I Now sleep nightmare-free. I once said I would sell my soul for one good night of sleep. I don’t have to sell anything now. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you to John’s Mace Energy Method.

A Policeman


I had a mace session and I felt really good afterwards. I thought I was dumb and not as smart as my brother. I was having troubles with other girls at my school. After my session, I felt really positive about me and could not even say I was dumb anymore. I could see how me thinking that was stopping me from doing my work. I was smart and I had different smarts than my brother. Also, I knew I could walk away from the people who were not my real friends without feeling any bad feelings.




Causism by John Mace Book Image

In this compelling book, John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method, and explains how we unknowingly create negative identities that influence our thoughts, feelings, relationships, life activities and prevent us from obtaining our goals and dreams.

He will also take readers on a journey of discovery and understanding, as they follow these concepts through to their logical and fascinating conclusions in how these hidden negative identities can be located and dis-created permanently.


The idea of introducing the concepts of Causism and making the Mace Energy Method accessible to everyone has been the vision of three people. And to do that, they knew that they needed ambassadors from every country. Armed with this goal, they started to create an educational framework to serve as a guide in training new Mace Energy Method Practitioners. From this framework, the Causism Institute was born.




Causism and the Mace Energy Method



Director, Causism Institute

International Senior Trainer, MEM



Pioneer, MEM Training Program

International Senior Trainer, MEM


This section contains the original works of John Mace – the Father of Causism and the Mace Energy Method. Engage in his perspective through these articles.



Discover the beginnings of Causism, the principles that hold it together, and how these are helping further advance emotional healing as we know it today. Read it from the perspective of one man who brought it to the world: John Mace.



The study of Causism and the birth of the Mace Energy Method wouldn’t have been possible if not for John Mace. Know more about the man who brought new understanding to emotional well-being and healing.



The principles of Causism led to the birth of the Mace Energy Method. These articles will help you understand what it is and how it can help you. Clicking on the button below will redirect you to the MEM dedicated website.


A quarterly digital publication that chronicles the stories of people who have discovered Causism and the Mace Energy Method and who have decided to become Mace Energy Method Practitioners, as well as the developments within the Causism Institute as an institution.




The Causism Institute is an accredited training provider by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. Through this accreditation, members can access personal and professional indemnity MEM Practitioner insurance.


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