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Causism is a new body of knowledge focused on achieving emotional health and well-being. It focuses on the scientific fact that nothing just happens; there is always something that causes it to happen. Through its equally revolutionary component called the Mace Energy Method, Causism unlocks and eliminates the causes of upsets brought about by inhibited feelings, so that people can be in control of their lives and be free to live their dreams once and for all.


People are amazed at the life-changing results brought about by the Mace Energy Method. What is it? And what do you need to know about it?

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Learn more about the field of Causism, the Mace Energy Method, and how both impact our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined from one of John Mace’s Causism Facilitators:

Sherrie Hatfield.

Do you want to help other people resolve deep-seated issues in their lives without asking them to disclose anything? It’s possible.

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In this compelling book, John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method, and explains how we unknowingly create negative identities that influence our thoughts, feelings, relationships, life activities and prevent us from obtaining our goals and dreams.

He will also take readers on a journey of discovery and understanding, as they follow these concepts through to their logical and fascinating conclusions in how these hidden negative identities can be located and dis-created permanently.

What People are Saying

Dear Friends, Imagine a young man laying on the floor of your waiting room office curled up in a foetal position. Abused and abandoned by family, always the black sheep he often says he wants to kill himself, calls 9-1-1 on an almost daily basis and has gone to jail because of this. Tossed around from mental health centre to centre over thousands of miles, because no one could help him, nor could anyone keep him out of hospital for more than a few days. Some suggested that he was beyond help, an institutionalized person, never to stand on his own two feet again.


POST NATAL DEPRESSION I wish to express my gratitude for the change in my health and well being since my session with you in early July. To give you a little background, I had suffered with Post Natal Depression since my first child was born seven years ago. After my second child was born two and a half years later I was experiencing severe exhaustion, panic attacks and anxiety. I was so bad that I was unable to cope with looking after the children and travelled from Melbourne to Perth , for help, from family, for a month to try and pull myself together.


A WORK RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM I have been at my job for over twenty years, but unfortunately had a work related accident, which injured my back; it took a few months before I could return to work. Even though back at work, the injury kept giving me problems, inhibiting my work capacity. After a while work mates and bosses turned on me accusing me of bludging, this caused me great stress. I felt the whole world was against me and I became very cranky, I even resorted to Valium for help. After one session of the Mace Method all the stress went.


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