The Mace Energy Method or MEM is a revolutionary approach designed to permanently eliminate negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions arising from the unfavourable events that we encounter in our lives. With limited narrative required, clients will keep their privacy intact while freeing themselves from the bounds of negativities that are holding them back.

The Mace Energy Method is the practical component of a revolutionary principle called ‘Causism.’ Whereas Causism is the science that governs the knowledge of upset formation, the Mace Energy Method is the art that aids in the therapeutic elimination or dis-creation of these upsets. Both Causism and the Mace Energy Method are the results of a lifetime of research done by a one-time Australian mariner, John Mace.



It is indisputable that feelings control our lives for both the good and the bad. They influence our attitudes, what we think, what we say, what we do, and what we do not say or do. Unwanted feelings play an essential part in the Mace Energy Method because when a person puts their attention on any negative aspect of their life, they automatically experience an unwanted feeling.

The Mace Energy Method is assisting people in finally healing and eliminating the true cause of their emotional pain and challenges within minutes, leaving clients naturally positive with lasting and guaranteed results. No more ongoing sessions that can become financially a burden nor the need to have to talk about painful experiences that continue to trigger negative feelings.

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