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The method is the practical component of Causism™, a revolutionary body of knowledge concerning human life. Its chosen name is a combination of two common English words:

1. Cause; to create an effect; to make things happen.
2. Ism; a doctrine, system or principle.

Before proceeding, I wish to acknowledge the wisdom of one of histories greatest orators, Sir Winston Churchill. Among his famous statements are these words: “Never use a big word if a small word will do!” The essence of that simplistic statement is that optimum communication is achieved by being understood by as many of your listeners and readers as possible and not just a few linguistic peers. Experience has taught me that the quickest way to lose your audiences’ interest is to use words they do not understand. The importance of this realisation is harnessed when introducing new students, but I will not discus its implications here at this stage. However, with this factor in mind, please note that in defining Causism™, simple, readily understood English words are used instead of academic Greek or Latin.

On the subject of acknowledgements there are two others who deserve mentioning as integral to the research; my brother Eddie and John Avery. Their contribution appears later.

On the 25th of November 2013, after various versions over the years, the following was adopted as the initial statement to all new Mace Energy Method clients: “The method utilises the fact that feelings control our lives. They influence our attitudes; what we say, think and do and conversely what we do not say or do.” In hindsight and to be more explicit the word “decisions” should have been included because anything done or said is always preceded by a relevant decision.

Emotional feelings are of two types, negative or positive, in other words, non-survival and pro-survival. All such feelings are bodily manifestations of energy impinging on our physical body, so that negative energy causes negative feelings and vice versa. To simply demonstrate the fact that feelings control our lives is the example of fear, say fear of heights, which causes a sufferer to avoid climbing. On the physical plane, if your hand touches something that is very hot you immediately withdraw it because excessive heat is destructive for the body and pain is a danger signal. The urge for personal survival is manifested by the decision to withdraw the hand from the heat. Conversely, all pleasurable activity is pro-survival and there is probably nothing more basic than mutually agreeable sexual intercourse between the male of a species and the female. This is nature’s way of ensuring the survival of every species.

Early in the research, decisions were a major component in removing life’s negativities but when the sequence of events is analysed, all decisions are based upon pro-survival and or non-survival feelings. This puts feelings as the focal point in the game of survival and by eliminating unwanted feelings there is nothing remaining other than a void.

The words in bold script in the opening paragraph, utilising simple language, encompass the essence of probably the most profound discovery concerning human life ever made. The discovery encompasses both life’s activities and emotions. If there have been earlier similar discoveries, their existence has been lost together with earlier civilisations in the antiquity of time. This extremely bold statement will invariably cause those unfamiliar with Causism™ and its Mace method to immediately doubt its veracity and label it as gross egotism, because it challenges every extant procedure in emotional healing, as well as an understanding of life itself.


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