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Written by John Mace


The basic component of the universe is energy. The best example of this is an explosion, which causes matter to revert to its natural state, energy. Please note, the word used is revert, not convert to energy. Let us envisage a session in which the client is told, “experience the feeling, keep your attention on the feeling”, for therein is buried the answer to the conundrum about the creation of mental imagery. The client, as an energy unit, converts the energy of the unwanted feeling into matter, but an important point is that the human energy propelling us and creating the image is devoid of classification. By this it is meant, that because the energy itself has no component parts, it can have no direct or inherent relationship to the subsequent unlimited variety of images. It is simply a case of you get what you get!

An added but incredible factor in the story of the mental image is that when a client is unable to envisage an image, a foolproof solution is to say, “What would you draw to represent that feeling?” That the resultant but completely abstract image is 100% effective in resolving the unwanted feeling is intriguing to say the least. This simple exercise of telling the client to draw something, with accent on the word drawing something, must hold some momentous truth. Just analyse it! Why should the mental envisaging of some randomly selected object be so potent? After all, the client is not influenced in any way as to what to produce. It is entirely their own decision, motivated by sub-awareness. Yet what it achieves is taken for granted by MEM counsellors, although any achievement surpasses anything ever attained by so- called mental health authorities. Delving into the mechanics and asking myself why, during the writing of this article has at last revealed the answer.

Like all great discoveries the answer is unbelievably simple, yet like so many earlier originations concerning Causism™, it once again came to me “out of the blue”, so to say. It needs stating that the origination, “what would you draw” was not the product of some brilliant in depth analysis of the problem the client encountered during therapy. It was a brief moment of profound, unaware knowledge, which suddenly surfaced and motivating me to ask that all-important question. Anyhow, it all the above boils down to this: Why do the images follow no logical pattern and what is behind the creation of the mental image in the first place? As just stated, the answers have only now revealed themselves whilst compiling this analysis.

Material objects are the corner stone of Life and Living and any activity, no matter what, involves material objects. Even the philosopher sitting and contemplating life is no exception, for he is utilising his body, a material object. The client, the Being, bridged the gulf between the energy universe and life by creating an image to represent the material universe, but this expression is a monstrous generality. The physical universe is composed of an infinite variety of physical elements so that when the expression physical universe is used it is a catchall that encompasses each and every one of them. To solve the problem my question created, it selected any old object at random, for no matter what was selected it was a part of the material universe. Thus the nature of the image was of no significance whatsoever, but of infinite significance was the fact that it was an interface between the two universes.

This random selection is the key to the question posed to the client, “What would you draw etc?” This totally open question duplicated the dilemma faced by the client in his innate role as an energy unit. Without any knowing analysis on my part, the question posed was a moment of knowingness, beyond material universe strictures, hence the only logical explanation being, “out of the blue”. This expression itself creates an appropriate analogy using the infinity of space with the infinity of the knowledge, which resides in us all.

In the “Client education and Procedure” it states, “Feelings control our lives! They control our attitudes, what we think, what we say, what we decide and what we do.” In other words, they are integral as to how we operate in the material universe, but our existence as Beings are impervious to such considerations until we decide to play the game of life. In the final analysis, feelings and the material universe are synonymous; you cannot have one without the other! Where have I read that before!

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