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Vanessa has been a Counsellor for nearly 20 years, plus she has qualifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life coach, meditation practitioner, and Advance Mace Practitioner. Over the past 2 decades, Vanessa has helped more than 1000 people improve their lives.

Having struggled with her own life, a chronic illness in childhood, and depression in her 20’s which led to the breakdown of her marriage, and her feeling that she had zero self-worth, no confidence, and was existing in life. Kept her on the quest for the missing piece that would help her feel whole and bring back the joy of life.

About 6 years ago Vanessa came across this extraordinary new therapy, the Mace Energy Method, after just one session, Vanessa was blown away by the results and the simplicity of the process. Realising the incredible and permanent benefits of Mace she decided to become a practitioner and is now training to become a Trainer of Mace.

The therapy itself is non-confrontational. It focuses on eliminating the cause of the feelings, emotions, behaviors, and attitudes you have unknowingly developed in response to the negative events in your life. By targeting the cause of these negativities, the Mace Energy Method helps you effectively eliminate them, leading you to be in charge of your life once again, feeling naturally confident, happy, and whole.

Imagine your life free from hidden blocks and limitations that hold you back.

Imagine if you felt more confident and happier in your life

If you feel that you are finally ready to take the step, or you ready to give it one more shot, to release the things that have burdened you and stopped you from creating and living the life you truly desire, then I invite you to book in for a MEM session with Vanessa.

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