TREY ARMSTRONG, mem practitioner

Trey has an appreciation of all things Spiritual due to experiencing more than one N.D.E. & O.B.E.’s at a very young age. This has led him on a lifelong quest to find out ‘what is the meaning of life’, because he knew deep inside that we are more than physical matter. His grandfather was an Electrical Engineer & a Merchant Marine. This influenced him to become a Radio Frequency Engineer where he worked for many years as a Technical Operations Manager training & mentoring others. His grandmother was a very spiritual woman & this influenced him to attend seminary after his technical career was over. He studied Pastoral Counseling & Comparative Religion & received his Pastoral Degree in 2017. His years of working with radio frequencies gave him an appreciation for the unseen & how it had an effect on everything around us. This led him to experiment with sound wave technology & frequency healing that he used to help friends & family over the years. He feels that studying radio frequencies (& other forms of energy) & spirituality gave him a balanced outlook & a deeper understanding (inner-standing) of how the universe works. He has studied Metaphysics for over 30 years & feels that there is something to learn each & everyday especially in the field of quantum physics. One of his favorite quotes is by the sage Rumi: “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop”. He calls his practice Glorious Marina named after the Christian Saint Marina (Margaret) who was known as the demon slayer as well as a tribute to the legacy of John Mace & the memory of his grandfather who were both Merchant Marines.

Motto: Glorious Marina…help within the stormy seas of life, a lighthouse & a safe harbor for the soul. Get well, Be well, Live well!

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