The following are certified and licensed trainers who can facilitate the specific programs being offered by the Causism Institute. Depending on the program of interest, prospective trainees can select from this list their preferred Trainer, no matter where they are in the world. Trainer assignment is subject to the former’s availability in reference to the prospective MEM Practitioner’s preferred training period.

If you are redirected to this page in order to go through an MEM Therapy Session for the purposes of enrolling to any of our programs, please know that everyone in this page are licensed and certified to deliver such experience. Please contact your preferred MEM practitioner below for your session.


After decades of practice, John has since retired but would still love to speak with you about the Mace Energy Method, his experiences with John Mace and as a MEM Practitioner, and life in general.

You may get in touch with him on 0418 764 931.