The Causism Specialisation Program

ABOUT this program

The Causism MEM Specialization Program is offered to all certified Mace Energy Method Practitioners. The focus of the program is to help practitioners gain an in-depth understanding of the different therapeutic areas under the Mace Energy Method.

At the end of the program, you will be conferred the title ‘Mace Energy Method Specialist Practitioner’ and can then practice as a specialist and focus on taking in clients based on your specialty.

How to Enroll

Pre-requisite: MEM Practitioner Certification

Since you are already a certified and licensed MEM Practitioner, please feel free to get in touch with any of the Causism Trainers to let them know of your interest in this program.

Submit all of the required documents and nominate your preferred trainer. If your preferred trainer is not available, the Causism Institute will assign you one.

Pay the required training fees, and start training. The ideal training period is from four to six months but you can take breaks.

program advantages

The Causism MEM Specialization Program offers an opportunity for existing MEM Practitioners to gain in-depth knowledge of the given therapeutic areas under the Mace Energy Method. In doing so, MEM Practitioners will be presented with two opportunities.

Firstly, they can align MEM therapies with their current practice. This means that they have a complementary modality to offer in view of helping clients overcome their challenges. As a result, they have more knowledge about the intervention options suited to each of the clients that they are helping out. For example, a few of the current MEM Practitioners have decided to focus on using MEM to help people overcome depression.

Secondly, some MEM Practitioners are more interested in applying MEM to specific industries. Because they’re knowledgeable about the many therapeutic areas of the Mace Energy Method, they position themselves as authority figures in dealing with industry-specific upsets. For example, some MEM Practitioners are helping employees in specific schools deal with stress and anxiety.

professional recognition

Successful trainees will be able to practice as licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioners internationally and be eligible for membership with the International Association of Causism Practitioners (IACP) and The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The Causism Institute is an internationally-recognised and accredited training provider by the IICT where members can access personal and professional indemnity MEM Practitioner insurance. Successful trainees will be eligible for membership with the IACP and the IICT.