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Written by John Mace


A major breakthrough in the efficacy and value of the Mace Energy Method was in the Productivity Procedure. Activity is fundamental to life and living, but an analysis of any activity revealed four distinct elements; decision, start, perseverance and recognition of its completion. To elaborate, some people are ditherers in that they cannot make decisions and figuratively flap around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Then there are those who having made a decision keep procrastinating about doing anything about it. The third element is the inability to persevere and finish a task so that they can be surrounded by unfinished tasks, such as a cluttered office desk covered with files or an overflowing ‘pending tray’. The final element is the recognition of completion. This is dramatised for example by a painter who is never satisfied with his creation and keeps touching up a picture. If there is one word, which underlies any problems with production it is procrastination, dramatised putting off making a decision, starting, continuing and even acknowledging completion. Maybe discussing and eliminating any tendency to procrastinate as a common theme may offer a short cut for the whole procedure, but I will leave it to others to experiment.

Each of the above elements impedes efficiency, so that their removal produces a vast improvement in personal efficiency and of course production, so that it is particularly beneficial in the business world.

A major breakthrough in the much wider use of the technology came in the form of Surrogacy. Surrogacy involves three people, a practitioner, a go-between (the surrogate) and the target, in other words the person being assisted who needs to eliminate some negative aspect of their make-up. Importantly, as is the case with a child who is too young to have a session, they are not involved in any way, not even an awareness of being the subject of the procedure, but nevertheless the practice of surrogacy produces some remarkable positive life changing outcomes. Surrogacy is based upon the concept of a universal intelligence.

I first became aware of that concept when reading of “distant healing” as advocated and used by a fellow Reiki practitioner, but I was too engrossed in my own research to take heed. However, when the German practitioner Martina Becker mentioned her success of communicating with horses I decided to investigate the concept and today’s Surrogacy was borne. Sherrie Hatfield who has taken over my role as Senior Practitioner/Trainer International has developed the practice of surrogacy to a new level. Whereas initially it was accepted that the target had to be known by the surrogate, Sherrie has developed the procedure to the point that even a target known only by name can be helped. This is an insightful development for which Sherrie deserves full credit, for it not only augurs well for the Mace Energy Method in her hands, but for a vast extension and expansion of the reach of the method.

In life there are three universes; one’s own universe, the material universe and the energy universe, so what is meant by the word Universe? It actually has a multitude of definitions depending on the size if the dictionary, so it is probably best to define it as “That part of life of which we are personally aware”. In materialistic terms the energy universe is basic to life because it creates the material universe, so it appears to be senior or most important, but individuals are inherently units of awareness operating bodies, hence the term to define us as HUMAN ENERGY UNITS, so I will leave you the reader to decide who or what is the senior unit.

The life changing, ‘out if body experience’ of September 1959, now over 55 years ago, left me with the sense that I knew everything about life, so it takes a leap in understanding on the part of you the reader to accept that I was totally unaware of the extent of my knowledge. This is dramatically evident in that when discussing a research finding I often wrote “out of the blue” to indicate that the finding was not the result of some profound analysis of the issue at hand, but the contents of some deep well of knowledge that had been tapped.

The only exception apart from the ‘tricks of the trade’ that are only minor really was the realisation of what is called “the worst moment of an upset”. It was an analytical evaluation, only proved when first put into practice by others. It was based upon a simple fact; the word moment cannot be defined with accuracy because it contains no time. This is covered fully in the training manual under the logical heading, “The worst moment” but a few extra words are not out of place. As explained in the manual, an upsetting event can be experienced in time from over a few minutes to many months, so by saying ‘go to an upset’ there are probably a multitude of unwanted feelings involved, hence the importance of the follow-up statement, ‘go to the very worst moment’. If this is not used it can result in a drawn out handling of many unwanted feelings, whereas the feeling in the worst moment is life controlling and of unparalleled importance. This why it is recommended as the very first procedure applied to a new client, with the proviso that the worst moment is utilised.

The desire for gaining knowledge about life, in other words understanding the why’s and wherefore’s of life’s elements has been my motivation to develop Causism™ and a facet of that has been the driving force behind so many years of dedicated research and development.

Over the years I have abandoned many procedures, not so much that they were ineffective but that they were unnecessary as the result of refinements that produced the same result faster and cheaper. An example of this is to be found in our archives. The downside of this is that future practitioners may not acquire subjectve reality concerning the depth of the research, but it is of course almost impossible to know if a client will be a future practitioner or not. Most clients are happy with their newfound awareness of themselves and life.

I liken it to understanding an English language word that is based upon Greek or Latin routes, for example the word ‘augurs’ which I used above. Understanding the roots of a word give it a greater depth of understanding, but this view of course may only mirror my overriding interest in knowledge.


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