These are the stories of the men and women who have discovered the Mace Energy Method.

Some of them have discovered the Mace Energy Method while looking ‘the answer,’ while have been so moved by the experience that they decided to become a MEM Practitioner themselves!

I happened upon MEM whilst searching for something entirely different and after reading as much as I could find on the net about it I was hooked and wanted to embarked upon training as soon as I possible! So I contacted Sherrie after reading her website which drew me as it has a lot of information on it. My experience from having Sherrie guide me through my own MEM sessions and then on through the training with her has been one of great discovery!  She creates a fond and welcoming environment to work in and guides and teaches with great finesse and smart insight. Her experience and sense of humour all add to that mix making my journey with the MEM a very pleasant and powerful one!

Wendy Edmondson, Manchester, United Kingdom
NLP Master Practitioner
Stress Counsellor
Motivational Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

In my clinic working as Bowen Therapist and Straighten Up Therapist, I noticed that sometimes emotional problems are closely related to body problems and can stop the body’s natural healing process. When a friend told me about MEM and how great the session was with Sherrie I decided to give this a go for myself as I had noticed amazing changes in my friend. I was very impressed with the session and the personal growth and change it caused in my life. I felt that this was a missing link in my business assisting people with emotional stress as well as the physical side of it especially when there is a blockage.

The training with Sherrie was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed she was walking by my side all the way – the training was very professional and you just feel and know that Sherrie’s heart is in what she does. She was always available when you needed her. Sherrie thank you so much you are a wonderful person and thanks for all the laughter we shared during the training!

Dagmar Kraus, Perth, Australia
Bowen Therapist
Straighten Up Therapist

I’m Brian Kruse. I’m a newly minted practitioner and I’m excited about Mace Energy Method and the prospect for helping massive amounts of people living with these negative identities that we know so well. And creating a shift for humanity.

Last summer I was waiting in line for a Michael Franti concert in my home town of Portland, OR when I came across someone on Facebook talking about this energy method about changing you instantly by finding the source or the root of whatever problem you were experiencing.

I followed the rabbit down the hole and found John Mace’s book on Amazon, Energy Over Mind.

By the end of the next week I had read the book, contacted Sherrie and signed up for the practitioner training. It was the culmination of all the paths that were being shown to me from Quantum / String Theory, my degree in Psychology, Kindness, Life Purpose to help, and an unbending belief that we have reasons that we are the way we are because of what I would come to know as upsets and it’s called Causism.

Sherrie is a delight. Her training style is clear and concise and conscious. She doesn’t miss a beat. Her active listening and awareness during my training kept me focused on the process in a way that was sort of like a kind horse rider with a soft stick. Always on point listening for the exact terminology that’s so important to understand because if you’re lazy with the language, the client can stray quickly out of your control adding time to your session and their relief.

Over the course schedule, I was helped along at my speed as my life got in the way at times. But there was never any judgement about any timelines that needed to be adhered to. Sherrie herself has done all this work herself and understands everything you’re going through.

With Sherrie’s help you’ll be on your way to helping others that you’ve been called to do by contacting her in the first place. If you were moved to come to MEM, you’re listening to the right voice to reach your greatest good in this lifetime. Sherrie answered this voice with her work on the Method. She’s a cornerstone of this movement and dedicated to training more of you so that her work is amplified.

Have a session with her to start, enjoy the effects right away and get ready for an amazing journey! This is the best kind of rabbit hole.

Brian Kruse,
Portland, Oregon, USA

Sherrie has been both my tutor and mentor throughout the past year whilst I have been enjoying the unique experience of training to become an M.E.M Practitioner. She is a lady of great understanding and compassion, with extraordinary insight into the human psyche teamed with a fabulous sense of humour. Gifts which benefited me whilst travelling this journey of truly living my own life. Sherrie is both methodical and thorough in her training of M.E.M leaving nothing to chance, allowing the pupil to build confidence in the acceptance of the knowledge within this dynamic method.

Keep on keeping on Sherrie you are a beautiful soul.

Lesley Hartley, Larnaca, Cyprus
Life Coach
Master Reiki Practitioner
Certified Hypnotist
Massage Therapist

From the very moment I received a phone call from Sherrie after sending her an email about Mace energy method I knew she was brilliant!

After that phone call I was so excited to have a mace session, not knowing what I was in for but I came away ecstatic and wanted to learn to be able to help others through MEM it was nothing I’d ever experienced before and sherrie’s kind, caring extremely knowledgable gift has guided me to become so confident in my own knowing.

The structure was easily set out and the reading material was extremely interesting and the new knowledge was so capturing.

The course has guided me to be able to changed mine & my families life in enormous amounts of positive ways. And my clients are loving it also.

Sherrie was 100% devoted to train and guide at such a high standard and her commitment was exceptional.

Sherrie, enormous amounts of gratitude.

Alita Barnes, Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Health Coach

Dear Sherrie,

I’d like to thank you for being my trainer and MEM guide; for showing patience when needed and allowing me to fly when possible; for sharing your years of knowledge and experience; for always being joyful and fun to work with. It has been a privilege and a pleasure learning with you.

Victor Trevino, Mexico
Data Scientist

A life changing and amazing journey began unfolding when my life’s path connected to the Mace Energy Method via John Avery. A genuine neighbourly kindness was extended to me and from that point on, the flow and decisions of my life have seen changes unfold with great rapidity.

My questions about how to practice such a wonderful and revolutionary method were gently and timely answered. In a very short time frame after a successful session, I was studying the Causism theory and being mentored by John Mace, who I later realised was a pioneer and Senior Trainer in the Mace Energy Method.

The Causism Institute, with its break-through knowledge discovered by John Mace, is so life-changing and humbling. The study material, variable pace and the fantastic depth of knowledge and experience from John Avery gave so many opportunities to deepen my newly learned skills and develop my understanding and knowledge.

No matter what information was required at any stage of study or additional support at later stages, the institute team at all levels dealt with everything in a professional, prompt, caring and efficient manner.

To have graduated as a Mace Energy Practitioner through the Causism Institute is a truly amazing process and continues to assist with the deepening of the life that I lead. The bonus of assisting people to take control of their lives and live their own dreams, has many of my dreams already fulfilled, achieved so simply and with great gratitude.

Julie Gant, Australia

I am a seeker. I seek the truth, knowledge and potential. I see things different to most people I know. Always have, and always will. And a deep awareness of energy.

However, I didn’t realise that when I was growing up. I felt like I never fitted in, low self worth, self sabotage, was broken and need fixing. Especially growing up in a family that I thought was “dysfunctional”. (I now know the true cause.) To escape the pain of it all, I drank a lot. Then I tried to “run” from it, which of course, it followed because it was within me.

Then, when I could not longer bury the pain and hurt, I decided to face it.

This started my journey into consciousness and awareness and spiritual and new age and healing and all of that side.
For years, I studied, and learnt new stuff, techniques, tools, modalities, and applied them to my life. And they were mostly all helpful. But still I was not where I knew I could be. I was not reaching my potential, not being happy, not making enough money etc.

Instead, it was costing me Thousands of dollars trying to fix myself. I have done many wonderful modalities, some very interesting and unusual. I knew that this lifetime, I would be happy. I would realise how to reach my potential. That was my priority.

After many wonderful years learning, studying, I suffered a loss so traumatic for me, it was a bit turning point…. downward. I got depressed, I make poor financial decisions that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, I withdrew, I lost time with my new babies, because I was not being present, I put on weight, I didn’t want to do anything for me. I was not living – yet it looked it to the outside world. But inside I was dying.

After 12 years, still suffering, I suffered another massive loss and this turned out to be the most amazing gift. It lead me to a business card, which lead me to a website, which lead me to a phone call, an ebook and then my life changed…..unbelievably for the better. That ebook was Causism.

I purchased it at the airport, whilst waiting for the plane to my brothers funeral. In that 3 hour flight, I had read half the book, and my life had changed, never to be the same again – and I hadn’t even had a session. This was truth. It resonated with my soul, and my soul was happy. This was truth that I had been searching for my whole life.
This was the start of reaching my potential. This was so different to anything else I had read or studied – and I have studied some different ones!

This was a paradigm shift in concepts, reality, awareness and what we believe.

That was the start of an incredible journey so far.

My first session was incredible. All without talk therapy. No longer grief stricken, years of pain, suffering – gone in a few hours. It was challenging at times, but worth it.

And each session revealed more of the true authentic me. This is the gift of Causism and Mace Energy Method. I cannot tell you how much it changes. Because it has to be experienced to be realised. It is like telling someone about childbirth, if they have never been there or experienced it themselves.

This is very much an experiential process. One which is priceless. It will change your life, your world, your reality as you currently know it.

But you have to choose it. No one can do it for you. You do need to do it for yourself, with my assistance. I am there to assist and support you. But the end result is worth it. Because you get to be and have more of YOU. The real YOU.

You life starts to change, you can get happier, more clarity, lose weight, more peace, more organised, your emotional health changes – so many things can change. I don’t know what it will be for you, that is part of your journey.

This is all about you. You are important. You matter. What is your heart telling you? What does the real YOU want? Does any of this resonate?

Causism, and Mace Energy Method are the most valuable tools on the planet. More people need to know about them, This can change the world, and peoples lives. The time is now. This is what we are all searching for – peace, happiness and YOU.

So, if now is the time for you, then I would love to have a chat with you. I would be honoured to share some talk time with you, or whatever you need from me.

Catherine Taylor

Having been a Mace Energy Method Practitioner for 14 years, you’d think that I’m now about to stop. The thing is, I get great enjoyment from guiding people in order to improve their lives. I get immense satisfaction while watching them gain a greater awareness between the interplay of Energy and the Mind.

I am 57 years young, and I was born and raised in WA. While doing the normal kids, stuff competed in push bike racing for 14 years, road and track, and have won several State Championship medals. I have worked in a wide range of jobs and industries, some of which included being a push bike mechanic, a telegram deliveryman, a carpet layer, prawn fisher, stage and light installer, hardware shop assistant, and a caravan park manager.

Recently, I completed a Diploma course in furniture design and making, as well as working in the mining industry and running my own handyman business.

My repertoire doesn’t end there, however. For the past 20 years, I have practiced Tai-Chi and Gi-Gong, and have had the pleasure of teaching these arts for over 10 years. With all these various life experiences and the interaction with a variety of different people, I believe that I have acquired great people skills.

I first came across MEM in 2002 when I saw a tiny couple of sentences in a newspaper ad which caught my eye. I then booked a session with John Mace. This session had an amazing impact on me and had cleared some major and minor life issues. I also had a profound mind shift shortly after the session. As a consequence, I left a secure, well-paid, and yet brain-numbing job of 14 years to train as an MEM Practitioner and to teach Tai Chi.

I know Mace Energy Method sessions are effective in helping people with all kinds of unwanted thoughts and reactions while they are playing this game called life.

Peter Balde


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