ROBERT TICHELAAR, mem practitioner

It is a privilege to be here with you to tell you a little bit about the Mace Energy Method and how it has helped me, feel safe in my environment and protect my identity.

I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years. I started as a landscape Labourer developing my career from contract Carpenter, Builder, Site foreman, Site manager, Project manager to Construction manager. Working in all areas of the industry from housing developments, Commercial and high-rise residential, and Multimillion dollar defence programs to one of my favourites being part of the build team for Metricon stadium.

Being in the construction industry, Stress has always played a big part in every position I have been in. When things get tough, you just get told or you tell others to take a teaspoon of cement and harden the ???? up. This was all part of the norm, and you just get on with things. Stress was not just a part of my work life, it also was a part of my home life. In my case, I had to work away from home a lot because that’s where the industry took me, This also affected my quality family time with kids growing up.

It wasn’t until early 2017, I found myself in a conflict of ethics and company integrity, feeling trapped in a situation that spiraled over time, I was not sleeping and often found myself on the lounge trying not to disturb my wife. I was always tired due to the lack of sleep, then all of a sudden, one morning I experienced my first panic attack, a feeling I had never felt before, and at that point, I thought I was dying.

I decided to see my doctor who diagnosed me with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. The Dr. prescribed me drugs so I could deal with what was happening to me, and how I was going to right the wrongs I felt were being done to me.

I paid a visit to Master Builders Qld, who represent the construction industry to see if they could help me with what my options were in working out these issues. Master Builders were very helpful with what I was looking for, but more credit goes to Master Builders, for their ability in identifying that something was wrong. They saw through the facade I was putting up in disguising my depression. They called Mates in Construction who eventually put me on high-risk alert, which in other words means – suicide watch due to my erratic behaviour.

During this period, away from my work life, but now in my home life, A friend took advantage of the situation I was in and made a pass at my wife by telling her that things would be better with him. I was now dealing with two traumas in my life, thinking that everyone in my work, and social life were out to get me. That’s when I threw up my defenses as I had an identity that thought this was the way to get through this traumatic time in my life.

I put in place a facade showing that everything was ok and in control when deep down it wasn’t. I constantly took that teaspoon of cement and continued to work for another three months before I had a major emotional breakdown. I now trusted nobody and distanced myself from all my friends even writing to some of them about how I thought they were plotting against me after reading stupid articles on social media. This was now the world I believed in and was living in.

Constantly talking about my traumas seemed to help me for a couple of days, but the depression kept coming back, and to make matters worse I was not trusting anyone I was talking to. Being placed on drugs that I had no understanding of, I was now having feelings of Anger, and the depression just got worse and worse to the point that I was feeling suicidal thoughts.

“I count myself as being very Fortunate, not all of us are” There are 3 people in the Construction Industry alone who commit suicide every week due to emotional stress, and an average of 8.3 people in the general populous suicide every Day.

That day came for me, The day I had decided to commit suicide. I say I was fortunate because as fate has it, I had pre-arranged to meet up with some friends for a catch-up, who are a part of the Mace Energy Method. They immediately saw my hidden facial indicators and “gave me a session that day”  I can honestly say, that the Mace Method saved my life.

The session was like taking a breath of fresh air again. I felt safe in that environment, I didn’t have to talk anymore about my traumas and try to protect my personal identity. I knew the unwanted feelings I was having on that day were also controlling my decisions. After that MEM session, and the shame of wanting to commit suicide, the feeling of instant relief from the overwhelming feelings and negative thoughts that had become a part of my daily life had now gone. I felt I had more energy, and was back in charge of my life. It was at that point my life changed, and I decided to become a full-time MEM Practitioner to help others.

MEM handles negative thoughts and feelings in minutes not months, 1 – 3 sessions to handle your uncertainties so nobody needs to go through life feeling all those life-threatening unwanted feelings.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing… I also got to see that if I  had gone and had an M.E.M. session when each of my stressful times was happening, a lot of the unwanted feelings would have been avoided giving me the ability to work through my problems by being able to fix all of the situations as they happen with a clear head. Your greatest gift in life is your ability to adapt and find solutions.


I always knew my 47 years of emotional baggage was affecting who I was, how I behaved and how I handled situations in my personal and professional life. On the most part always, I wanted to be and do better, my behavior was not solely based on the facts at the time but also the life of wrongs I brought with me. After one session I now have a peace I never thought possible, which in turn has given me a new found confidence to handle anything my life will throw at me. Thank you, Rob and MEM.”



I want  to let people know of the wonderful work that Rob Tichelaar is doing with his MACE therapy techniques.

I have been experiencing significant anxiety and automatic negative thoughts particularly since separating from my husband of 10 years.

I found that our relationships have deteriorated so badly and the separation had become so acrimonious that I no longer knew how to not feel instantly scared, anxious or threatened whenever receiving any correspondence or at any interaction that I had with my ex-husband.

In preparation for meeting him in court in regards to our children, I engaged with Rob and found his method to have such a wonderfully calming effect.  He helped me recognise my learned responses, and how to subsequently manage those immediate feelings.

He has taught me techniques to manage my emotions in these settings and has shown me how to get past the things holding me back.

I have since been to court and been free of the previous anxiety and distress.  I feel much calmer and capable, and now manage my emotions, own my feelings, and move forward positively in my own life free from my previous burdens.

 I cannot thank Rob enough for all he has done for me at this distressing and tumultuous time.



As I started to climb up the corporate ladder, I felt a sense of anxiety, a sense of “Can I do this”/“Am I good enough?”
After my session with Rob I felt a sigh of relief. Who knew that digging into my consciousness and identifying certain moments and fear throughout my life that I just ignored and eliminating them using this method would lift that anxiety?

I am not one for expressing my feelings out loud so that fact that I didn’t have to tell him anything about my life made me feel calm and open to achieving results in the session. I walked in to work the following week to start my first day in management and I felt confident and ready to take on the challenge.

Thank you Rob, for helping me get through this hurdle.



I was fortunate to meet Rob while on holidays where I was received a therapy session with him. I was so impressed with his professionalism and the support he provided to me throughout the session. I was able to let go of many emotional disturbances which I could see were holding me back and preventing me from moving on. After one session, I felt lighter in my body as I was no longer holding onto any anxious feelings that would prevent me from living life to the full. Within a week after the first session, Rob promptly arranged a follow-up phone session where he checked in on how I was feeling to ensure we had really got to the root of the upsets and that they had been eliminated completely. All I can say is that as a school teacher, it has been a real gift to experience the power of the Mace Energy Method (MEM) and I can see how this program has enormous potential in supporting other teachers to improve their well-being and confidence. Rob has a genuine passion for supporting people to reach their full potential through the Mace Energy Method (MEM) as he knows through his own personal experience with the program and through the many lives he has transformed through his work as a MEM practitioner of the power of this therapy. Thanks Rob. I will always be deeply grateful to you.


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