Causism Apprenticeship Program

A training program for everyone who wants to become a certified and licensed MEM Practitioner. This program track introduces you to the concepts of Causism and its application called the Mace Energy Method.


Causism Facilitation Program

A training program offered to certified and licensed MEM Practitioners who are interested on how to use the principles offered by Causism in order to design and to implement individual or group wellness programs.



MEM Therapy Session

If you are interested in knowing more about our therapeutic service called The Mace Energy Method, or if you are a person who is going through a difficult moment in your life, please click the button below to be redirected to our sister website. There, you can discover how the Mace Energy Method can help you as it helped countless individuals from around the world be freed from their well-being challenges.


The YOU First Well-being Program

The YOU First Program is a three-phase intervention program designed to be implemented at the organizational level. This program is created to suit the emotional well-being needs of employees and works well with existing company wellness programs. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how the YOUR First Program can help you, your employees, and your organisation as a whole.

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