About this Program

The Causism Facilitation Program is a bridging program and a pre-requisite of the Causism Mentorship Program. This program is offered to all Mace Energy Method Specialist Practitioners who want to deliver wellness programs to individuals or groups. The central philosophies governing this program draw upon the coneceptual foundations of Causism. The training subject matter is composed of in-depth discussions about the theories of Causism and the practice of the Mace Energy Method to create emotional health and well-being programs.

Prior to starting the program, you will be given the opportunity to choose your preferred facilitator. The list of facilitators are found in the Causism Institute website. The selected facilitator can either accept or refer you to another facilitator pending availability.

At the end of the program, you will be conferred the title ‘Causism Facilitator’ and will be licensed to provide program services on top of your therapy service offering(s).

Program Advantages


The Causism Facilitation Program may offer an additional stream of income for MEM Practitioners. On top of having the Mace Energy Method as their service offering, they can also start offering a wellness program.

Because this program is all about helping you understand in-depth Causism theories and principles, it will allow you to design a wellness program with the idea of helping other people understand more of themselves and be in tune with their inner self. The awareness that individuals will obtain from such coaching program may help them thrive and realize potentials they otherwise thought to not have.

Professional Recognition


Successful trainees will be able to practice as licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioners internationally and be eligible for membership with the International Association of Causism Practitioners (IACP) and The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The Causism Institute is an internationally-recognised and accredited training provider by the IICT where members can access personal and professional indemnity MEM Practitioner insurance. Successful trainees will be eligible for membership with the IACP and the IICT.

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