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There is invariably a change of personality as a result of a heart transplant and this explains why. A magnet is a piece of metal with its own energy field, comprising a central core plus its own north and south poles. This is true no matter its dimensions. Its own field or flux is composed of invisible lines of force joining its poles. The earth is an enormous magnet, with its own lines of force along which a compass needle aligns and points to the north.

The lines of force are affected by local magnetic anomalies that cause them to deviate. The strength of an anomaly and the extent of its area of deviation vary. Technically speaking, magnets are composed of either Soft Iron or Hard Iron, which terms indicate their inherent effectiveness and stability. Hard iron magnets are referred to as “permanent magnets” because they retain their orientation whereas soft iron magnets do not and are very susceptible to the effects of other stronger magnets. Technically and importantly, permanent magnets induce soft iron fields with their own fields so that soft iron fields end up adopting and mirroring the stronger “permanent” magnet.

This is where our own lives enter the picture for each and every one of us is best explained as being a permanent magnet with our own central core.

Anatomically speaking, the quickest way to cause death in another person is by isolating the head (hanging – beheading) or by causing the heart to malfunction such as by shooting or stabbing. The brain in the head is akin to a building’s fuse box – when the fuses blow the system shuts down – whereas the heart is the centre or source of power, hence the saying “at the heart of things”. The heart is akin to a permanent magnet and the other organs, the liver etc are akin to soft or impermanent magnets that are susceptible to being induced with a different field. Without delving into technicalities, the nature of a body’s field governs an individual’s personality – change the field and the personality changes.

During a session, the removal of negative identities and negative ridges can be likened to removing negative anomalies in a client’s own personal field or aura.

When a heart is transplanted it must be kept alive, hence the speed and care associated with a successful transplant. While ‘alive’ its field is retained.

I am sure you are now getting the picture; when a heart is transplanted it induces in the recipient’s its own field the field of the heart and automatically changes the recipient’s personality.

The Australian Newspaper’s site features an article by Trent Dallton. It is well worth accessing. It is the article that inspired this article.

In 2002 three American PhD graduates, Paul Pearsall, Gary E. Schwartz and Linda G. Russek, published their findings of ten pronounced cases of personality changes after a heart transplant, but when I contacted them there was no interest my work.

The story of my life!


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