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Written by John Mace



Nothing happens unless something causes it to happen. That is an absolute! To expand on that concept, nothing just happens. There is always a reason why it happens no matter how obscure the cause may be.

The irrefutable truth of the concept of “cause and effect” is behind all of Mace’s practices and theories but he points out that there is vast difference between an apparent cause and the deeply embedded and hidden real cause. To emphasise that point his work is totally devoid of narrative, which is invariably only a dramatisation of the deeply buried real cause.

Being aware of that fundamental truth is the cornerstone all of Mace’s work and without question, accounts for its remarkable success in eliminating health problems such as addictions in all its forms, emotional problems such as PTSD, irrational fears and all negative attitudes to life, hence the overall purpose of the method, “To assist people to be In control of their lives and live their own dreams.”

In studying human behaviour Wundt turned a blind eye to Cause and concentrated on Effect. It is doubtful that he was even aware of that scientific concept, but it is a mute point, so it is best to leave it there.

Mace admits to originally being an atheist from the time he first knew what the word meant, but that changed in late 1959 when he was confronted with the work of Count Alfred Korzybski, 1879-1950. Korzybski was Polish by birth and a graduate of a Warsaw university.

He was a “worldly wise” academic, having served in the general staff of the Polish Army during WW1. Migrating to America, he wrote many books and founded the organisation General Semantics that is concerned with an understanding of and the optimising of human behaviour. As related in his book “Science and Sanity”, he wrote on the nature of that will-of-the wisp called Time. An indication of Korzybski’s “out of the box” thinking is in that book, when he writes that if someone asks for the time and you offer your watch, you are simply giving them matter moving through space.

Mace himself believed that he knew all about time, because prior to satellites it formed an essential element in the art of navigation, so reluctantly and with an admitted degree of condescension towards his elder brother, he submitted to doing an exercise about time based on Korzybski’s above observation. The rest is history for as a result of doing the exercise he suddenly found himself out of his body experiencing the infinity of space with a new found and profound understanding of the nature of Time. As explained in his own book, “Turning Upsets into Positive energy” he emerged from the experience with an unshakeable belief in the spiritual component of mankind. Believing you are a spiritual being is one thing, not that Mace owned that reality before doing the exercise, but knowing it is another thing altogether! In commenting upon the experience he stated that the word belief is totally inadequate and should be replaced with the word know, because behind the word Know lies a deep personal certainty that the word belief lacks. Belief in something is more akin to “know about” rather than know.

That exercise is now a very early component of Mace’s training manual. It utilises the educational procedure adopted by the ancient Greek sage Aristotle, in that the student is given simple but precise and pertinent questions to answer rather than be given information.

This taps into their inherent knowingness. As a comment on that approach, one can hardly challenge one’s own reality! The outcome is an individual who knows that they are not a body, but knows with absolute certainty that they are a spiritual being using a body to play the game of life. One for one, they are never the same again as the countless testimonials indicate.

Mace relates that many years ago, during his time as a Harbour Master, he subjected one of his work associates to the exercise but after a week’s contemplation the associate stated “I cannot fault it but it is too simple a solution for such a serious subject!” In hindsight the exercise was too steep a gradient for him and today no student is subject to the exercise so early in his or her training.

Mace’s revolutionary book is really a treatise on Life and Living as well as showing the road to emotional health. Very importantly it also explains why the term ‘mental health’ is definitely a misnomer, a natural result or product of Wundt’s misguided approach.

He says a fundamental factor that his work has to overcome is the universal human resistance to change that probably has its roots in the fear of the unknown. History reports that Christopher Columbus 1451-1506, the Genoan sea captain, is reported to have encountered that fear when recruiting a crew for his voyage west from Europe into the unknowns of the Atlantic.

Finally, the following unsolicited ‘thank you letter’ to John Mace is typical and certainly not a one off. Recent contact confirms that none of the problems that plagued him years earlier have ever returned.

I am writing to let you know how the session you gave me has improved my life. In the past fourteen years I have suffered from Stress, Anxiety and Panic attacks. These conditions have affected my life in many different ways. It affected my relationships with my children, my stepchildren and my wife. It also affected my social relationships; my work relationships and it diminished my chances of gaining meaningful employment, with the result that I was mainly unemployed for the greater part of the last fourteen years. During that period I sought help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, groups, medication and also 7 weeks in a clinic. This seeking of help came at a great financial burden to my wife and myself. I hope this letter in some way explains how my life has changed and how grateful I feel towards you for helping me.
At last no more panic attacks. No more anxiety.

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