MEM Practitioner Training

Regardless of your current profession, as long as you’re motivated to help other people around you, you’re more than welcome to become a licensed Mace Energy Method Therapist. Get started today.

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What is the MEM Practitioner Training Program?

The MEM Practitioner Training Program is a two-tiered certification training that aims to help people become MEM Practitioners. It is undeniable that the Mace Energy Method has helped transform people’s lives. Such is the case that those who have experienced change in themselves and their lives by going through an MEM Therapy Session once or twice have been inspired to train as MEM Practitioners themselves.

Whether you are a professional in Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Life Coaching, NLP, EFT, working within Community Organisations supporting and helping others, or simply an individual who wants to be the best you can be and be there to help those around you, you can become a certified MEM Practitioner.

How is the MEM Practitioner Training Program Conducted?

Training to become a certified MEM Practitioner is done through Causism Institutes in several countries. Correspondence or distant training is also available. The course has five modules, and the training manual contains illustrations to graphically interpret the many abstract and intangible ideas involved. Additionally, online training videos aof John Mace’s lectures are included.

In house training is restricted to small groups of three to four, which maximises individual involvement and personalises the training. Correspondence students are trained individually.

What are the Benefits of the MEM Practitioner Training?

  • A simple, but highly effective tool that will superbly compliment your current Mental Health and Well-being practice.
  • No previous counselling experience or training required.
  • No equipment required – low start up costs.
  • Your clients will have no need to reveal any personal data or life stories which ultimately makes the process quicker, easier and much more attractive a prospect to them.
  • On-going support from a community of like minded people who have trained before you.
  • A great tool to enable you to continue to help you, your family and even your friends along the way.
  • Part or full-time business opportunity.
  • Four levels of training available – depending on your training needs.
  • Having your very own MEM experience first-hand.
  • Training can be done in your own time frame.
  • Training and technique can be done via Skype or phone.

What are My Next Steps?

If you are interested in training to become a certified MEM Practitioner, we can send you the Causism Institute Practitioner Training Kit by email. Please click the Contact Us button below and select the MEM Training Kit under the Enquiry Type dropdown menu.

If you have additional questions regarding the training, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Please click the Contact Us Button.

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