MARSHA GRIXTI, mem practitioner

I started my MEM journey as a client.

I was struggling with the impacts of life’s curveballs, so I was looking for a clear path. I was not keen to go down the path, where you had to relive your trauma over and over. I had been there and done that many times, but I always found that the healing was only ever short-lived, as another trigger brought it back to the surface.

It was a vicious cycle of “Yeah I’m fine,” then “No I’m not”.

I came across MACE through an online event. Listening to the Practioner explain the Mace Method, it resonated right there and then. I knew that this was the path to Emotional Healing, it just made sense.

Experiencing the MACE Method gives you an understanding of how we are supposed to be living our lives. How it feels to be living to our greatest potential. You feel so much lighter, breathing freely and not being bothered by other people’s stuff. For me, this had to be shared with anyone and everyone who wanted to release their trauma and break the cycle of living with silent mental anguish.

I studied to become a Practitioner because I want people to experience the possibilities of living without trauma and mental illness and living with expectations that aren’t your own.

To be rid of any negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I want people to know, and experience being in charge of their life. Living your best life.

I would love to share this experience with you or anyone who wants more from life.

And look forward to assisting you along your journey.





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