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An invention is the creation of something that was not there before, for instance the internal combustion engine and aligned with that in the motor industry, the pneumatic tyre and in the unrelated verbal communication medium, the telephone.

The pneumatic tyre was the brainchild of an Irishman called Dunlop in the days when bicycle tyres were solid. Like many inventions it was the solution to a problem and in his case the problem was the headaches his son was prone to, due to the jarring his body experienced on rough road surfaces.

Another thing that needs clarifying is the word Copyright, which is defined as “claiming ownership and the right of exclusive use of a literary work”. You cannot make that claim as regards individual words because they are in common usage; it is their unique combination to describe some original thinking that can be subject to copyright.

Added to the above is the word ‘discover’, which is the act of learning the existence of something that is already there. This word is at the heart of Causism™ and the Mace Energy Method, MEM.

The reason for the above opening paragraphs is to ensure that the meaning of the words ‘invention’, ‘copyright’ and ‘discover’ is fully duplicated. The article you are reading now is an original literary work that is the result of a conversation I had with my oldest colleague John Avery. We were discussing the recent article, “Trainee vs Client’ and to make a point I said, “John, I have invented nothing!” I have forgotten what prompted me to make the assertion disclaiming the invention of Causism™, but what is important is that I have previously never felt the need to ever voice or write it so forthrightly and unmistakably clear as I am now doing.

John’s immediate reaction, “You have got go write that up”, took me by surprise, not only because of the enthusiasm in his voice but that he had even said it at all. Reflecting on his response has made me realise that the act of copyrighting all my work, because it claims literary ownership, needs clarifying as to what it claims ownership of. Put simply and plainly you cannot claim ownership of common words themselves but you can claim ownership of how they are utilised to express original ideas, hence copyright. Similarly and extremely importantly you cannot claim ownership of a natural law, but you can claim via copyright, ownership of how you describe any natural laws. The only reason for copyrighting any of the writings of both Causism™ and its procedures, the Mace Energy Method, MEM is to maintain their integrity, because simply changing, adding or deleting a word in a sentence can entirely change the meaning of that sentence.

The act of copyrighting all my writings is certainly not driven by egotism or a wish for personal material gain. Incidentally, after my death the governance of the copyrights has to be vested in an ethical organisation on behalf of mankind as a whole, obviating any one person taking control of them for personal benefit. I am currently in discussions with copyright lawyers as to how best achieve that aim.

Talking again to John Avery he informs me that when he has pointed out to other people who had benefited from Causism™, that I make no claim as to inventing it, he has received the same response from them as I originally received from him. It is this information that has motivated this article, for obviously it is not an uncommon phenomenon and it needs clarifying. It is not so much a misunderstanding as a misconstruing of intent that needs clarifying.

Until now I have never been so direct as to the source of the principles expounded in the Causism™ materials although all my writings express the same sentiment, so this writing is to help create a full understanding and consolidation of the ideas I have already expounded.

I suppose, using poetic license, the word invent could be applied to the Causism™ procedures along with the word copyright, because the procedures are certainly a unique and original method to facilitate a client’s ability to tap into his own universe. As regards the expression ‘own universe’, I have in an earlier writing defined it as “that of which you are aware.” To qualify that definition, for practical purposes, every Being knows everything but as to whether they are consciously aware of it is another matter altogether.

The natural laws of both the energy universe and the material universe govern human life and thus the individual’s behaviour. Even if I wished to, I certainly could not with any validity claim to have invented these laws although it appears that I am the first person in recorded history to actually recognise their importance in a better understanding of life for we humans. There is a vast difference between an original understanding, as unique as it may be, and inventing something. This is what I meant when I stated to John that I have invented nothing, although of course I have made many vital discoveries concerning an understanding of life.

When a client is having a session it simply means that they have knowingly put them self under the guidance and influence of a MEM practitioner, who guides them into areas of their own universe that may need addressing. If a practitioner says to the client, “Go to an upset”, or some such statement, the client naturally and immediately without any further prompting of any kind responds by surveying their own universe to find out if there is such an occurrence. An everyday example is the simple statement, “think about your mother!” The resultant thought and probable mental image is from a natural ability, and not something that can be taught, which is another example to emphasise that nothing in Causism™ has been invented and that it utilises natural laws. Another point is that because there is no time in the energy universe, in other words it is timeless, there is an immediate response by the client, whether it is to the negative when nothing is located or to the positive when an incident is located.

Another natural law of life and existence is the timelessness of the energy universe so that it has always existed and always will exist. Along with that is the fact that it is of infinite dimension, in other words beyond words to define it. If there is no immediate response either negative or positive it is because the client has their attention elsewhere and the statement, “Go to an upset” has not impinged on their universe. There is an interesting mix of automaticity and volitional when a client is given the instruction “Scan your entire life”. The volitional aspect is the decision to actually scan, but the scanning itself is dependent upon the natural ability to recall the past.

John Avery has reminded me of a saying he originated whilst delivering communication courses, which is “Attention follows attention”. That is an example of citing a natural law, which is implicit in giving sessions; if you talk about upsets that is where a person’s attention goes. However, during a session and to emphasise control, a practitioner says, “Go to an upset”. It should be spoken as an authoritive command rather than a wishy-washy instruction, so that the client automatically surveys their own universe in search of an upset if one exists. There is no time in the energy universe so assuming there is a positive response it is located immediately no matter when it happened. As a slight digression, it is a practitioner’s ability to impinge on the client’s universe, described as “attention and intention “ in their training that separates a master practitioner from a beginner.

As demonstrated in the Time Exercise, time is a manifestation of motion so in relating my astral walk in my book, I mentioned time because of the motion around me. Initially in that walk I was only aware of myself as a timeless, emotionless unit of awareness, totally oblivious of the material or physical universe, because neither was then in my universe. It was only when the nebulous beginnings of the material universe became real and not only gained solidity but appeared to move around me as a completely detached observer, that the elements of motion and time mingled and became a personal reality, hence the expression “light years away”.

In the same manner that a client under the control of a practitioner surveys their own universe I had also surveyed my own universe, which at that time obviously encompassed the entire energy universe, but the difference between my astral walk and life scanning is stark. There was no volitional control of anything at all. It was not so much volitionally recalling anything. It was just a natural flood of knowledge, like water gushing from a burst dam. There is no other rational explanation for the resultant awareness.

As regards Causism™ and the Mace Energy Method (MEM), in stating that I had never invented anything is perfectly true. All that I have done is to implement and put into words existing fundamental truths of human existence and thus assist individuals to lead a happier and rewarding life.

John’s reaction was a classical example of the difference between the words Knowingness and Awareness. John was fully cognisant of the truth of my statement but apparently had never considered its implication, in other words because he had not given it any thought he was thus not consciously aware of it. This highlights the subtlety of the difference between the above two words, ‘know’ and ‘aware’, as was indicated in a very recent article wherein I posed the question, “What was your first school?” Quite a question for someone who left school about seventy years ago and who could probably use the fingers on one hand to count the times that they had even thought about it!

The truth of the statement, “I have invented nothing” and its implications were immediately recognised by John and after some discussion about it he said, “You have to write that up” hence this article. In my book, the chapter “Where it all began” has a section headed “A new understanding”. The third paragraph after that sub-heading is well worth re-reading for it contains the data that caused me to initially reject John’s suggestion of a write-up, based upon the fact that I had already done so in different words. However on deflection this is the suggested write-up.

The major point, upon which I should probably have elaborated on is the difference between ‘know’ and ‘aware’ because there is a vast difference in meaning between each of those two words, each of which has to be fully duplicated to really understand what I wrote.

Prompted by examining the words I use in the book and with the wisdom of hindsight I guess I should not have been so economical with words, but should have expanded on the event for the benefit of readers. After all, the experience was unique with a capital U and although using comparatively very few words, divulged answers to so many questions about human life. I use the word unique because I am unaware of any similar experience ever being previously disclosed and/or published. Implicit in understanding what I experienced is the fact that we are totally intangible units of energy that inhabit bodies to play a game. We are not bodies, but humanity as a whole gets so associated with their bodies that the word me is taken as to mean a body and not a unit of energy. I remember from years ago a song with the words, “Me and my shadow”, well that could be a factually adapted to “Me and my body”.

The major problem in making one aware of ones self as an energy unit is best explained by the old adage, ‘oil and water do not mix’ because we are invisible units of aware energy with mo material content, whereas our bodies are entirely material. Even words and voices are of the material universe and not the energy universe. All the words ever used anywhere are only objective and not subjective, so can only ‘talk about’ and not give subjective reality, as does our procedure Experience Self.


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