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Written by John Mace



Negative thoughts, feelings, and actions consumed my life, almost too self destruction. After trying everything to get my life back on track, I was pointed in the direction of Sherrie Hatfield and the Mace Method. After one session, I was left feeling lighter, wider awake, and standing taller than ever before. I have been able to finally eliminate the negative feelings around the concerning issues that were plaguing and running my life. I have continued forward feeling better about myself and creating happier relationships. I now have the knowledge, that I am not my negative thoughts and feelings and I do not have to live with them.
– Damien QLD

I found that in my relationships, whether it was of an intimate nature, friendships or family, my belief was, if I make everyone else happy, it would result in my happiness. I feared what everyone thought of me, so I avoided confrontation, therefore never speaking up on what was important to me. I found myself settling for less than what I deep down knew I deserved. I had felt for years that I wasn’t worthy enough of what I really wanted.

Through a series of Mace sessions with Sherrie, I was able to finally see these feelings for what they really were… Not ME… but a negative identity I had unknowingly created. I found that the inner voice telling me all the dreams I had wanted, weren’t just wishful thinking, but was the real me, trying to break through all these negative identities.

Since my sessions, I have found that I am now able to freely communicate my beliefs and my values for my relationships. I am able to approach and be more involved in my relationships. I now express my feelings, without the fear of the negative emotions that were a part of the identities. My confidence, in myself and what I want has definitely shown, and has been noticed by not only people close to me, but also by people at work and distant friends. I found me and with that came the happiness I was looking for. I am living from that naturally now, developing and creating the happy relationships I deserve.
– Sharnee, QLD

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for my recent telephone session. I am amazed at how my sense of absolute DESPAIR and DEPRESSION has been completely lifted and removed after your telephone session. One minute I was back in the very worst feelings in my life and half an hour later I was watching TV with my wife and feeling completely normal. Incidentally I had felt completely overwhelmed several days before I rang you and in the blackest space imaginable, thank you so much.Sincerely
– B.D., Perth

Having found my basic purpose at last has really opened up the universe for me.
It explains so much about self, why I have been doing certain actions, having certain beliefs and frustrations.
Each time I feel and look at my session with John, I find I tingle and bubble all over, cannot stop smiling and laughing. In fact I float. I know where I’m at and where I’m heading. What else can I say? So thank you John, so much
Love- Val

I am writing to you to share with you the results of our sessions so far.
Firstly I am relieved of a more recent addiction, that of Gambling. This problem caused so many other stresses and upsets in my life and I could never understand why I continued to do the very thing that was causing so much financial hardship, guilt and grief. After only one session, that problem has disappeared. Or should I say dis-created.
Over the last month so much of my life has improved enormously, I am happier, healthier and enjoying all my relationships more and even seeing people through different eyes. I realised the other day that I am even sleeping really well now and have more energy to perform my tasks during the day. I wake up with a great attitude. This technology is amazing, I am so glad that you made it available to me. Thank you John
With Love, – AM

I had a mace session with Sherrie and I felt really good afterwards. I thought I was dumb and not as smart as my brother. I was having troubles with other girls at school too. After my session, I felt really positive about me and could not even say I was dumb anymore. I could see how me thinking that, was stopping me from doing my work. I realised I was smart and I had different smarts than my brother. Also, I knew I could walk away from the people who were not my real friends without feeling any bad feelings.
– Samantha, QLD
**** within 6 months this young girl got A’s in her report card.

I would like to thank you very much for the help you have given me to have control of my life. Before I had a “Mace Energy Method” session with you I was in pain every day with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Arthritis & Chronic headaches, with some days worse than others. I often got very down and depressed about the pain that was there all the time, it never let up, just burning pain all over my body. It was very debilitating at times, mainly from the Fibromyalgia, which I have suffered from for approx 8 yrs.

I was taking a very strong prescription pain killer called Tramadol, the strongest available is 200 mg, I took the maximum dose every day and now thanks to you and your amazing method I am slowly cutting down on them. As they a Narcotic I have to slowly wean my body off them.

After my sessions with you I feel more alive and aware ! I have not felt so light for many years, it was though all that I had suffered in my life since childhood had been weighing me down which happens to be a major symptom of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, it was like someone was pouring wet cement all over my body. I have not felt this since my sessions!! I am over the moon. I also feel that because I don’t feel weighed down with negative emotions I feel much taller, I feel I want to live life again and with this a great deal of extreme happiness.

Thank you John for assisting me to be in control of my life and live my own dreams.
Kind regards,
– Noelle


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