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Written by John Mace


There is a natural law of the universe that is carved in granite: a person will never knowingly create a negative identity. This law is accompanied by another: you are only affected by what you are unaware of. The natural urge to survive is so overwhelmingly powerful that when people locate a hidden negative identity and neutralise it, because they now know all about it and how it has affected them, they will never create it again.

The answer to all the questions people have about their shortcomings lies in the negative non-survival identities – identities that have all been unknowingly created. To introduce an optimistic tone to this writing, the method that has been researched and developed addresses and eliminates these negative identities, and in doing so puts people on a road that leads them to eventual control of their own lives.

A prerequisite to the elimination of a negative identity is, of course, that the person is made aware of its existence. The question may now arise as to why the being gives the identity any energy in the first place. The answer is that energy is an essential element in any action: no energy, no action!

Each negative feeling people experience is so deeply ingrained they assume it embodies who they are, but this is untrue. More insidious is the fact that negative identities dictating attitudes are always acted out in life. It is not that the person has a voice in his or her head saying, for example, ‘I am inferior.’ Rather, it is a sense of inferiority pervading that person from negative identities. This highlights the fundamental truth that identities are not you, rather they are something you have unknowingly acquired. Even if people know from a rational point of view that they are not inferior, if they are the victims of such a negative identity, it moulds their personality and dictates how they behave in life. For no matter how irrational from a logical and objective viewpoint, that is how they see themselves and how they live their lives.

Every conceivable negative consideration that people can have regarding themselves can be eliminated, for it is not the person but a negative identity generating the feeling.


Negative identities manifest in many ways including; low moods, lack of energy and motivation, depression, relationship problems, fears, phobias, low self esteem, lack of confidence. In short, one feels something is wrong and cannot necessarily see the cause. They oppose your own dreams, goals and purpose, producing many unwanted consequences in your life.

As a departure from conventional counselling, MEM does not involve self disclosure. With the guidance of a MEM practitioner, facilitating a series of simple mental exercises, the client effectively clears any and all adverse negative emotional elements. This leaves the client naturally happy, positive, optimistic and productive. Results are guaranteed!

MEM operates at two levels

  • Eliminating all negative aspects of a client’s everyday life. (See mission statement above)
  • Enhancing one’s awareness of self as a Human Energy Unit. (Spiritual being)

Being in full control of one’s life produces a sense of personal calmness, but the second level produces permanent deep inner peace that is beyond words to describe. It is NEVER lost. Too good to be true you think, well think again! The age of miracles is with us.


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