DONNA FITZPATRICK, mem practitioner

Before becoming a MEM Practitioner, I worked for twenty-five years with people using Counselling and Hypnotherapy, in a range of settings, privately and in the voluntary sector.

I have been a manager of a women’s refuge and also a rape crisis centre in Edinburgh. This allowed me to support vulnerable people and to learn about trauma. I studied, developed and delivered training for frontline community /health workers and counsellors on the subject of trauma and abuse for several years.

As well as being a Mace Energy Method practitioner, I am a clinical supervisor for counsellors and psychotherapists.

I teach Breathwork and have facilitated many relaxation and meditation groups. I study Pranayama.

I am the mother of a beautiful young artist. I love my cats, natural medicine and growing flowers and vegetables with my partner in rural Scottish Borders.

Using the experience of my powerful healing journey to health and happiness with the Mace Energy Method, I now work with clients around the world online, assisting them in making the deepest of transformations.

I can warmly connect and relate to all types of people. I care that they get well and reach their full potential.

My whole life has been the journey towards the Mace Energy Method. Having the skills and opportunity to share this, and genuinely help people to get well quickly by discreating negativity from their lives is so fulfilling.

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