About Causism

Causism is a body of knowledge that offers a new paradigm towards emotional health and well-being. The paradigm offers a simplified way of addressing emotional problems by identifying the cause and then directly eliminating that cause through a technique called the Mace Energy Method.

Causism is important because first, it allows people to understand the true cause of their emotional problems; second, it allows people to realize that this cause is blocking their self-expression and is affecting their happiness; and third, it allows people to be in control when it comes to eliminating this cause so that they can rid of themselves of the stresses that come about in their daily lives.

Causism proposes that negative feelings control people’s lives. Such negative feelings are being accidentally created by people themselves in response to their experiences. For Causism, if these negative feelings are self-created, they can also be dis-created with a little bit of guidance through a method called the Mace Energy Method.

Most emotional problems are negative feelings manifesting as stress, anger, depression, sadness, just to name a few. At the conclusion of an MEM session, the negative feelings are eliminated, leaving the client feeling their natural or true, happy, and positive self.

Causism’s research produced a practical procedure called the Mace Energy Method. The Mace Energy Method is a simple procedure that addresses and eliminates the negative aspects or feelings of a person’s life .

About the Mace Energy Method

The Mace Energy Method, or MEM, is the practical aspect of Causism Knowledge. It involves a simple series of energy exercises that address the different negative aspects of life. A unique attribute of MEM is that throughout the duration of the session, an individual is not required to divulge anything about his or her life, and are not required to re-live painful experiences.

Any problematic area in a person’s life can be addressed by MEM. From simple stresses to anxieties, clinical depression, addiction, learning disabilities, to the different types of abuses, MEM procedures are in place to help individuals. If an individual is not sure what causes a problem, the Mace Energy Method has special questions to uncover the triggers in that individual’s life.

The Mace Energy Method cannot cure anything. However if an individual wants to change, he or she can receive guidance and lessen his or her burdens. The only condition for this is that an individual has to be willing to change.

Yes. A lot of people from all walks of life who have gone through an MEM Therapy Session once or twice have reported a significant improvement on their outlook in life, how they feel about themselves, and how they live their lives. The major feedback is that not having to re-live unpleasant and painful experiences is a relief in itself. You can check their stories in the Testimonials page.

MEM is not a counselling session where an individual has to go over some painful aspect of his or her life. Causism has found that talking about life problems has no therapeutic effect, and it can actually make an individual feel worse. The Mace Energy Method has found the way around this painful aspect of counselling.

In addition, no advice is ever given during an MEM Therapy Session. It has been found that clients know what to do, very clearly for themselves, after an MEM Therapy Session.

About MEM Therapy

An MEM Therapy session is a simple, non-intrusive method that lets a person move from a negative aspect of life quickly to the positive side of life. In simple terms, an MEM session is a representation of this Biblical quote: ‘Find the truth, and the truth will set you free.

By quickly finding the actual cause of a personal problem, which is called the trigger, a person is then guided towards dis-creating or eliminating it. In life, individuals are either at the effect of life (not doing well) or winning at life (just being happy and knowing how to stay there).

A distinct feature of MEM Therapy Session is that it is facilitated through a one-on-one interaction with a Licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioner. The session can either be done on a face-to-face basis, or via the telephone or Skype for long-distance clients.

You can contact a Licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioner directly. MEM sessions can be conducted at any time during the week but weekend appointments are also offered by some Practitioners. To find a Licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioner in your area, please consult our Directory page.

Definitely desist from trying to analyse your own problems. If you could have done that, you would have done it already and you wouldn’t be needing an MEM Therapy Session. As Leslie D. Weatherhead mentions in his book, Psychology & Life, ‘The difficulty of observing your own mental processes is that you cannot see yourself by yourself, for when you look at yourself, you use a bit of yourself to see yourself; so therefore it is not the whole of yourself you see, is it.’

Decide what you would like to change in your life, and on a practical aspect, never go through an MEM session with the need for food or a drink.

All you need to do is to be fully attentive as possible and to follow the MEM Practitioner’s directions. In so doing, you will get optimum results.

Get in and enjoy feeling the real you; enjoy your life. Here is a quote that sums up what the Mace Energy Method is all about:

“The Mace Energy Method leads you very quickly to your truth about your worldly activities, and truth is where your real power and potential resides.” – John Avery

Yes, you can. Some of our current MEM Practitioners have actually been our clients in the past. They have been moved by their experience and have contacted us back in order to undergo training and to help other people. Please visit the MEM Practitioner Training page for more information.

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The Causism Institute is an Approved Training Provider with the International Association of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

IICT is one of Australia’s, leading professional bodies representing Complementary Therapists, around the world within the natural health industry. MEM students and graduates are recognised and endorsed by the IICT and are able to obtain: Student, Full and Executive Membership. Membership provides numerous benefits, such as access to discounted Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Internationally recognised MEM Practitioner and Trainer Insurance, when enquiring please quote member number AU407092873


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