Certainty of Self: Part 1

There is a gulf of infinite dimension between “Knowing” and “Knowing About”. The former is of course ‘subjective’ whereas the latter is obviously ‘objective’. Subjective refers to a person’s own universe, their own thoughts, ideas, and experiences, but objective refers to that which is outside the realms of one’s own universe. This is very pertinent as regards the personal awareness of who we really are. Believing you are a spiritual being is one thing but KNOWING you are a spiritual being is another thing altogether.

A simplistic everyday example of “Knowing” compared to “Knowing About” is of a young girl watching her mother cook a cake. Her viewpoint of cooking a cake is decidedly objective. It is only after she has personally confronted and mastered the various skills involved that she has a subjective reality of making that particular recipe, so it is worth noting that her knowledge of cooking a roast dinner is probably still objective. Another example of the differences between objective and subjective can be likened to the difference between observing and doing.

A search on the Internet will show that history is littered with great and revered individuals who are categorized as Thinkers. Thinking is an inherent ability we all enjoy, but the word as an adjectival noun is generally assigned to those who have contributed greatly to philosophic discourse. They are too numerous to list here but Confucius and Loa Tzu (Loa Tze) of ancient China, plus Aristotle, Plato and Socrates of ancient Greece and Buddha of the Indian subcontinent are well known along with the more recent Westerners such as John Stuart Mills, Emanuel Kant, John Locke, and Rene Descartes.

The Internet is similarly littered with their sayings, but the following lines that are attributed to Lao Tzu, align elegantly and beautifully with the overall purpose of Causism™ and its Mace Energy Method. The message it contains is so profound it is beyond description.

If you are depressed, you are living in the past.
If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present.

Please note that these few simple words are a perfect example of what Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s leader during the 1939-45 war meant when he said, “Never use a big word if a small word will do!”

An example of him practicing what he preached is this piece of masterful oratory from the early 1940s when after the “battle of Britain”, (Germany’s air onslaught on Britain after the fall of France) in an acknowledgment to the RAF fighter pilots he said, “Never before in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few!”

The quote from Loa Tze, in a few simple words and three short lines, so elegantly and perfectly aligns with the aims of Causism™ and its Mace Energy Method (MEM), for during a session the practitioner works with the client to eliminate negatives from the client’s past, which had clouded their thoughts and thus then leaving them at peace with themselves to live in the present and knowingly make their own future. Incidentally, a unique aspect of a MEM session is that it is devoid of self-disclosure and narrative.

The magnitude of the worth of MEM is illustrated by my own earlier words from another writing, although I paraphrase and expand them, “this is the first time in recorded history that the true nature of the mind and its ability and function have been discovered”. Please note my choice of the words, “in recorded history”, for possibly, maybe even probably, in some distant time and earlier civilisation this was common knowledge. Hindsight is a wonderful tool but even so I actually find it almost incomprehensible that this knowledge is so revolutionary when measured against today’s commonly accepted wisdom. It is this very sense of incomprehension of our knowledge of life by the world at large that makes the task of dissemination such a formidable one.

In today’s society unless you have a Ph.D., a Degree, or a Diploma from a recognised university your opinions and ideas are ignored as being of no importance or worth, not only by so-called authorities, but also the public. The “authorities” of course influence the public at large and do not take kindly to having their sacred beliefs challenged. To continue with that theme, the world’s oldest university was established in Bologna, Italy in 1088, which means that the world’s early recognized self-educated Thinkers such as Aristotle and Plato would not have official qualifications and in today’s society their ideas would be considered as maybe interesting but of no real value and consequence.

This is where Causism™ currently sits because I have no recognized qualifications in the humanities and neither do many, if in fact, any of the enlightened individuals who have been trained in a MEM academy. However, it was my education in the material sciences of magnetism and electronics while qualifying as a shipmaster that gave me an introduction into the world of energy. Sadly, today’s society implies and treats all of qualified MEM practitioners as incapable of worthwhile rational and original thought because they do not possess one of their qualifications.

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