Causism has created an entirely new paradigm in the field of personal development, health and well-being. A paradigm of vast proportions and significance in improving interpersonal relationships. Not only is it a quantum leap in an understanding of life, but it’s unbelievably simple method to alleviate emotional suffering has put the humanities back on the rails. It truly brought them into the twenty-first century alongside the material sciences.

After years of refinement, the procedures remain simple. They permanently and rapidly erase all negative emotions, and in doing so, restore a person’s sense of well-being and self-worth. The real you emerging is self-empowering, for the procedures indeed enlighten people as to their true nature and potential.

The principle underlying the procedures is to remove accumulated negative alter egos, thereby exposing the true self. The more of these negative alter egos are dis-created, the more there is of the real you, and the more you are in control of your own life. Hence the mission statement, ‘To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams.’

Discover the theoretical foundations that has built Causism into what it is today.

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