About this Program

The Causism Apprenticeship Program is offered to anyone who wants to become a Mace Energy Method Practitioner. The training subject matter is composed of the theoretical foundations that helped create Causism as a new body of knowledge, and the practical therapeutic application collectively known as the Mace Energy Method.

Throughout the program, you will be involved in a series of discussions with your trainers and will be assessed for competency. Modules designed for self-paced learning as well as therapy simulations will be conducted. You are expected to complete the program and receive certification within four to six months.

Prior to starting the program, you will be given the opportunity to choose your preferred trainer. The list of trainers are found in the Causism Institute website. The selected trainer can either accept or refer you to another trainer pending availability.

At the end of the program, you will be conferred the title ‘Mace Energy Method Practitioner’ and will become members of the International Association of Causism Practitioners – the governing body of all Mace Energy Method Practitioners, Causism Facilitators, Causism Trainers, and Causism Master Trainers.

After successfully completing the program, you can add the Mace Energy Method therapy session to your existing complementary therapy service offerings, if you have your own practice. You can also exclusively offer the Mace Energy Method therapy session as a service as you start to build a career in the Complementary Therapy industry.

Program Details


6 months; online, offline, or onsite.


Before becoming a certified Mace Energy Method Practitioner, you will go through a competency-based assessment where you will demonstrate cognitive understanding of the principles you’ve learned on each module. The assessment methods include a written evaluation for each module, supervised or guided discussions, role-playing, reflections, face-to-face observation, if applicable, and a video or audio recording of client and trainee practitioner sessions.

Program Advantages

The Causism Apprenticeship Program may offer an excellent part or full-time business opportunity since no equipment is required apart from having a computer or a mobile device with video and audio capabilities, and an internet connection to conduct a therapy session. There is just one pre-requisite for everyone before taking the program: that they must be willing to help other people.

No previous counselling experience or training is required in order to be eligible for the program.  However, at the onset, you will be required to experience the Mace Energy Method firsthand by going through a full session. It’s in the experience that you will fully appreciate the simple power of the Mace Energy Method.

The training can be done at your own time and pace, and can be facilitated online through the use of communication applications like Skype. Other types of correspondence can be done via email and by telephone.

Professional Outlook

The Causism Institute boasts a diverse group of professionals who have full-time day jobs but who are also Mace Energy Method Practitioners. As such, trainees face the prospect of high career-application if they are certified. Among these are:

Application of MEM Therapy principles and techniques to the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, trauma therapy, art therapy, and social work to assist people with their therapeutic process and bring about long-lasting results.

Application to the fields of life coaching, personal training, and nutrition in order to help people breakthrough and eliminate old habits and that limit their goals and potential.

Application to specialized fields in physical rehabilitation, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy, in order to help clients go through emotional and physical relief and healing in a painless, fast and effective way.

Application to specific fields in alternative healing like yoga, art therapy, and even tai-chi to help people achieve real breakthroughs through the elimination of the source of some their physical, emotional mental and spiritual challenges.

Application to the allied medical sciences. For example, in the area of Midwifery, the Mace Energy Method can help assist women manage the effects of birth trauma and support in their postpartum care. In relation to that, Mace Energy Method Practitioners who are working as Naturopaths and Doctors can help patients eliminate the cause of their underlying emotional, mental, and psychosomatic physical manifestations such as body disease, eating disorders, addictions, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and stress can turn to Mace Energy Method Practitioners for support.

In addition, Mace Energy Method Practitioners are also a big help to workers in high-stress industries such as healthcare. Mace Energy Method Practitioners can work alongside doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in order to alleviate the stresses related to their line of work.

In the academe, Mace Energy Method Practitioners excel in assisting children, adult learners, and other educators handle the effects of variety of demands the learning environment can create. Among these are the symptoms of emotional stress, behavior problems, learning difficulties, loss of interest, and the dropout phenomena.

Mace Energy Method Practitioners also help students deal with the effects of bullying, negative social interactions and studying abroad away from home and family, just to name a few.

Most of the practitioners certified by the Causism Institute are already practitioners in the alternative therapy industry and they’re adding the Mace Energy Method Therapy as a part of their service offerings. Some of them open their own practice and exclusively offer the Mace Energy Method Therapy as their service.

The career prospects of a Mace Energy Method Practitioner seems unlimited, and you’re about to become one of them.

Professional Recognition


Successful trainees will be able to practice as licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioners internationally and be eligible for membership with the International Association of Causism Practitioners (IACP) and The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The Causism Institute is an internationally-recognised and accredited training provider by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists where members can access personal and professional indemnity MEM Practitioner insurance. Successful trainees will be eligible for membership with the International Association of Causism Practitioners (IACP) and The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

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