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Written by John Mace


In another article “What is the Mace Method”, six salient points were offered which epitomise the uniqueness of MEM, but to attempt to parrot them off would surely be off-putting, so an initial simplistic answer, “unlike other therapies we handle cause not manifestation”, will set the scene.

A genuine inquirer will probably ask you what do you mean by that, so here are the basics from a scientific point of view.

The procedures known as MEM are the practical components of Causism™ and are based upon the fundamental fact that nothing happens in life without something causing it. We are all controlled by our feelings and all negative behaviour stems from negative feelings, which stem from negative influences. There are three elements in an emotional problem, for instance a tendency to have angry outbursts. The outburst itself is the manifestation, but prior to that is the trigger that caused the outburst. The trigger is only the APPARENT cause, but underlying that is the REAL or fundamental cause, a negative influence, which MEM calls a negative identity.

In the practitioner’s manual there is an article headed Themes, which is directed at clients who offer up a stream of answers to one of our explorative questions concerning relationship problems. The solution for this type of client is to ask if there is a common theme in these problems. When the common theme is located and eliminated very often no more relationship problems can be found. You see the original stream of answers were apparent causes or triggers, whereas the common theme was the fundamental cause.

To elaborate on this, consider the case of an individual who has never had a long-term relationship with a female, although for years he has maintained a friendship with several males. If you were to investigate the situation with females you would uncover many reasons why each relationship failed, but in each and every case the REASON is only an apparent cause. If he cannot maintain a relationship with a female, there must be an underlying negative factor that is fundamental to the issue.

There is no doubt that all negative aspects of life are the product of negative influences (identities) and as experience has illustrated, all negative identities produce unwanted feelings. Experience has also demonstrated that negative feelings are synonymous with a negative identity and the only difference between them is the name used. This is of monumental importance because eliminating the feeling also eliminates the negative influence (identity).

If, when handling relationships the client never seems to run out of answers, the question to use is “Is there a common theme with these problems?” The answer will be the FUNDAMENTAL REASON, which when addressed usually negates many, if not all relationship issues.

What we refer to as a person’s Ruin is the most negative aspect of their entire life and is always eliminated first. Once it is eliminated the client is asked how it has adversely their life, but with the proviso that no details are required, just a simple overview. This is the only time that ‘rubbing their nose’ in the past is of value. It is not of life changing therapeutic value, but simply to make the client aware of how simple and effective are the procedures.

To return to the theme of apparent and fundamental causes, therein is where MEM departs from other therapies – every therapy except MEM handles the apparent cause and not the basic cause, which lies within the psyche. This is why MEM is so effective in producing permanent outcomes. The case of placing a bucket under a dripping tap instead of replacing the washer is a classic example of handling manifestation rather than cause.

Transpose the situation to a persistent emotional problem such as PTSD where a solution adopted is to administer tranquilising drugs. There is nothing wrong in administering drugs as a temporary stopgap solution, but when taking drugs becomes the final answer the situation should be re-examined. Resorting to drugs is like resorting to a bucket to handle a leaking tap. It is a stopgap measure that needs re-addressing.

If a person who is genuinely interested in our work puts a question as to how we are different, a simple and precise answer needs to be on the tip of your tongue, for there is nothing more off-putting than a rambling dissertation as an answer. The most simple and direct answer would be that we handle cause not manifestation. A most likely response from a genuinely interested questioner would be what do you mean? How you proceed from there is entirely a matter of personal choice.

In therapy you can spend hours analysing the reasons and revisiting past effects, but the situation will not resolve until the fundamental cause can be located and eliminated.

To sum up, every emotional problem has an emotional cause so the faster we find and eliminate the fundamental cause; the quicker and cheaper is the solution.


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