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Written by John Mace


To return to the thrust of this article and to demonstrate and prove the fact that everything that happens is the product of energy, it is best to use everyday physical universe examples that even the least informed will recognise and understand. You could fill a library with others but the following few examples will suffice.

Firstly, a kettle of cold water needed for a hot beverage. Provided it has an airtight lid to prevent evaporation, once filled, unless heat is applied, it will remain full and at the ambient temperature for time immemorial. Secondly, an ordinary light globe will not produce light until electrical energy is applied to its filament. Again, a pencil sitting on a desk will stay there until someone or something shifts it! Then the example of a magnetic compass needle that will remain still until it comes under the influence of a deviating magnetic force or human intervention! These are a few of an infinite number of examples to demonstrate that nothing just happens and that there is a cause behind everything happens and that cause is the application of energy.

The same argument applies to human emotions. They are all the product of human energy with a major difference. Physical universe changes are caused by an outside energy source, whereas emotional changes such as an angry outburst, are the product of energy within the psyche’s own universe. This last example leads into the subject of emotional health, in which field the Mace Energy Method (MEM) operates. In the field of emotional health we also have psychology, psychiatry and various “Alternative” therapies. The former two are generally recognised as the “authorities” in this field, whereas MEM and other therapies are generally regarded as ‘new age’ and are not officially recognised and taught in universities or medical schools. This situation will only change if we use our collective energy to do so. The various web sites of Mace Energy Method practitioners contain numerous testimonials as to the effectiveness of our procedures.

Without exception, MEM is decidedly unique in comparison to all the other modalities, so it is easy to hold a viewpoint of “US” and “THEM”. This automatically poses the question, what is the difference between THEM and US?

As we increase our reach into society, the question about our status is bound to eventually appear with particular attention on MEM’s claim to be unique. Whether it is asked by someone genuinely interested in MEM’s research and prompted by a genuine desire to gain knowledge or by a person in a belligerent and derogatory sense, the best response is a simple and precise answer. As regards the latter derogatory inquiry “least said, soonest mended” is appropriate. There is an article in the Causism™ materials which points out the futility of arguing, so what follows is in response to a genuine inquirer seeking knowledge about MEM.


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