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Written by John Mace


It is a law of the universe – nothing happens without a cause.

To emphasise that scientific fact, it is irrefutable that nothing just happens, there is always something that causes it to happen and the basis of all causes is the application of a form of energy. In other words all changes, good, bad or indifferent, are caused by application of energy in some form. This scientific fact is the corner stone of all my research and why I eventually coined and adopted the name Mace Energy Method for our procedures, which are dedicated to an improvement in emotional health for all mankind irrespective of colour, creed or political leanings.

Before proceeding it is appropriate to indicate that the catalyst for this article is a book given to me by my daughter for my recent 87thbirthday. She rightly decided that because of my background as a professional mariner and navigator that I would be interested in the career of John Harrison (1693- 1776). Because of my maritime studies, his story was not new to me, but my daughter was not to know that. Harrison was a carpenter with only the basic education that that occupation implied, but was an avid reader and basically self-educated. He established a foolproof method of calculating longitude. The inability to do so had plagued mariners and researchers ever since the very first mariner had lost sight of land and asked himself, ”Where exactly am I!” Harrison revolutionised navigation and saved countless thousands of mariner’s lives, as well as providing enormous financial benefits to international commerce, yet he spent years battling entrenched interests before his work was eventually recognised, initially by a grateful British crown and establishment and eventually by the scientific world at large.

Unlike Harrison, I have had the benefit of a comparatively good education, but like Harrison my expertise and discoveries (I have no qualms in using those words) have been in a field totally divorced from the area of my original occupational training. I am a retired Master Mariner not a psychologist, yet my research has revolutionised and uncovered a full understanding of emotional health. Please note that I refer to psychology under its original definition, ” a study of the human psyche”, not by its currently accepted definition as a “study of human behaviour”.

Harrison, after years of opposition from the jealous researchers and entrenched ‘authorities’, eventually, at the instigation of England’s of King George 111, lived to see his work fully recognised.

History is littered with examples of successful individual researchers and innovators who were challenged by entrenched authorities, such as Semmelweis of hygiene fame, and Harvey of the bloodstream. I have given Harrison prominence because of my intimate connection and knowledge of navigation, prompted as stated above by a gift from my daughter.


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