CATHERINE MAY TAYLOR, mem practitioner

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me. My name is Catherine Taylor. I am pleased to connect with you.

I love many things such as scuba diving, skiing, gardening, travel, my family, etc. But my true passion is something far more interesting for me.

I am a seeker. I seek the truth, knowledge, and potential. I see things differently from most people I know. Always have, and always will. And a deep awareness of energy.

However, I didn’t realise that when I was growing up. I felt like I never fitted in, had low self-worth, and self-sabotage, was broken, and needed fixing. Especially growing up in a family that I thought was “dysfunctional”. (I now know the true cause.) To escape the pain of it all, I drank a lot. Then I tried to “run” from it, which of course, it followed because it was within me.

Then, when I could no longer bury the pain and hurt, I decided to face it.

This started my journey into consciousness and awareness and spiritual and new age and healing and all of that side.
For years, I studied and learnt new stuff, techniques, tools, and modalities, and applied them to my life. And they were mostly all helpful. But still I was not where I knew I could be. I was not reaching my potential, not being happy, not making enough money, etc.

Instead, it was costing me Thousands of dollars trying to fix myself. I have done many wonderful modalities, some very interesting and unusual. I knew that in this lifetime, I would be happy. I would realise how to reach my potential. That was my priority.

After many wonderful years of learning, and studying, I suffered a loss so traumatic for me, it was a bit turning point…. downward. I got depressed, I made poor financial decisions that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, I withdrew, I lost time with my new babies because I was not present, I put on weight, and I didn’t want to do anything for myself. I was not living – yet it looked it to the outside world. But inside I was dying.

After 12 years, still suffering, I suffered another massive loss and this turned out to be the most amazing gift. It led me to a business card, which led me to a website, which led me to a phone call, an ebook and then my life changed…..unbelievably for the better. That ebook was Causism.

I purchased it at the airport, whilst waiting for the plane to my brother’s funeral. In that 3-hour flight, I had read half the book, and my life had changed, never to be the same again – and I hadn’t even had a session. This was true. It resonated with my soul, and my soul was happy. This was the truth that I had been searching for my whole life.
This was the start of reaching my potential. This was so different from anything else I had read or studied – and I have studied some different ones!

This was a paradigm shift in concepts, reality, awareness, and what we believe.

That was the start of an incredible journey so far.

My first session was incredible. All without talk therapy. No longer grief-stricken, years of pain, and suffering – gone in a few hours. It was challenging at times, but worth it.

And each session revealed more of the true authentic me. This is the gift of Causism and the Mace Energy Method. I cannot tell you how much it has changed. Because it has to be experienced to be realised. It is like telling someone about childbirth if they have never been there or experienced it themselves.

This is very much an experiential process. One which is priceless. It will change your life, your world, your reality as you currently know it.

But you have to choose it. No one can do it for you. You do need to do it for yourself, with my assistance. I am there to assist and support you. But the result is worth it. Because you get to be and have more of YOU. The real YOU.

Your life starts to change, you can get happier, have more clarity, lose weight, be more peaceful, and be more organised, and your emotional health changes – so many things can change. I don’t know what it will be for you, that is part of your journey.

This is all about you. You are important. You matter. What is your heart telling you? What does the real YOU want? Does any of this resonate?

Causism and Mace Energy Method are the most valuable tools on the planet. More people need to know about them, This can change the world, and people’s lives. The time is now. This is what we are all searching for – peace, happiness, and YOU.

So, if now is the time for you, then I would love to have a chat with you. I would be honoured to share some talk time with you, or whatever you need from me.

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