Father of Causism and Mace Energy Method; Author, Causism


Prioneer, MEM Training Program; Adviser, Causism Institute


Director, Causism Institute; Senior International MEM Trainer

My life story has two distinct phases, before 1959 and after 1959, and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ years are like the proverbial chalk and cheese. That watershed year saw me as an established 32‐year‐old Master Mariner with 17 years of, shall we say, colourful maritime experience behind me. More than once it has been said to me, ‘You should write a book about your life at sea,’ but that will never happen, for those years are insignificant in the overall picture.

One evening, while on leave, my elder brother introduced me to the ideas on time expounded by Count Alfred Korzybski. To understand what happened, it is necessary to know that as a Master Mariner, I was quite proficient in celestial navigation and that when a ship is in the middle of the Pacific, for instance, you cannot determine its position, no matter what celestial objects are visible, without an accurate timepiece – the chronometer. Time was an essential commodity and I knew all about it, so it was with a condescending attitude that I submitted to doing the exercise.

But when confronted with the truth of Korzybski’s explanation of time, my world turned upside down. With the sudden reality shift concerning time came another reality shift: not only was I no longer aware of sitting in a lounge chair but, in a flash, I was also no longer a pragmatic Master Mariner with both feet planted firmly on Mother Earth. I was a timeless unit of awareness, alone in the ether. The sense of being alone was absolute, for there was nothing apart from me – no one else, no physical universe, just me, an astral entity, alone in space and surrounded by a great void. There was no sense of night or day, just a vast emptiness, a vast nothingness. The entire physical universe had disappeared! I felt no emotion of any kind; my only feeling was an awareness of myself, of just being there.

Then, from what can only be described as light years away, a kind of wispy something began to form like flimsy clouds drifting around me, and with it came an awareness of utter stillness. I was the focal point, utterly motionless, amid a stillness that no words can describe. That ‘wispy something’ was the physical universe starting to materialise and drift around me.

I have often pondered that experience and tried to find words to describe it, but that is woefully inadequate, for the experience was so profound that no single word in the English language suffices to explain the feeling. Several years ago, however, the word came, but it was a coined word, not in any dictionary – purposelessness. If you can imagine having absolutely no purpose whatsoever, you will understand what I experienced.

A major aftermath was that I felt that I knew everything about life. Knowledge buried in your psyche is one thing but being aware of the knowledge is another thing altogether. An example is that I have often used the expression ‘out of the blue’ to explain the sudden appearance of an answer that solves a persistent technical problem. With that realisation there was no accompanying sense of egotism, just a calm acceptance that the information had materialised. That has been a recurring theme in some of the major developments of the methodology.

The upshot was that I never went back to my ship and began to explore my new awareness of life. Causism™ and its practical component the Mace Energy Method are the result.

Please enjoy reading more about my discoveries in my book, Causism: Discover the Key to Emotional Health and Well-Being.

My journey in this field began in 1963. I had a fairly successful business but I seemed limited—I could not progress past a certain point. Working hard was no problem as it was enjoyable. I was vaguely aware I was holding myself back somehow but I had no idea how. I commenced searching for the answers as to why some people could set goals and then achieve them with consummate ease, while others, not lacking in effort, could not do so.

This search took me to my first counselling sessions, which certainly made me feel better—a lot of my negativity and self–destructive habits abated. My attitude improved and a very important thing came out of the counselling—I realised I was fully responsible for the results in my life, good or bad, and I stopped blaming others for my problems.

From this improvement, I decided that I would like to help others as I had been helped, so in early 1964 I commenced training as a counsellor/consultant in Perth. In 1966 I went to England and then Canada and America for more training and experience, which continued into the ’80s. Along the way, despite different methods of healing and motivation, I still felt something was missing. For both clients and myself, I noticed that some problem areas would go away, only to resurface again later. It seemed impossible to achieve a permanent change no matter what the skill of the counsellor and the good intentions of each party. Something was still missing.

Because I could not achieve permanent results for my clients I felt a little like a fraud, so ceased my counselling activities. My journey so far had led me to realise that many others were looking for the same thing—a permanent solution to overcome the seemingly invisible hurdles in life, blocking happiness and achievement.

For me, life has three main areas: work, home and social. There are many examples of one person being great at work but with lots of family and relationship problems, while others are fine socially but can’t handle work. Their potential has only been realised in one area. To me, true happiness lies in being on top in all areas.

Today there are many methods of healing or motivation, which can and do make people feel a lot better; that is easy, but how long it lasts is the real criterion. Although not a criticism, for I am full of admiration for those who genuinely want to work with and help their fellow man, I call these feel-good therapies.

Over the years, because no permanent solution has emerged to handle life’s problems, a large part of society has been conditioned to the quick fix, hence the prevalence of drugs, illegal or otherwise. It is as if many people are grasping for any little bit of transient happiness regardless of the consequences.

In 1995 I was in Perth and met up again with John Mace. Our paths had crossed a few times over the years and we had remained friendly because of our similar interests in self–improvement techniques.

John Avery has since retired but is still happy to talk about Causism, the Mace Energy Method, his friend John Mace, and life in general.

Sherrie Hatfield has achieved what few others in the teaching and healing fields have achieved: time in! This is no mean feat because the wisdom and experience Sherrie has gathered can only come in and through time.

Sherrie’s professional career began in 1984. After completing her child care studies, she spent 11 years teaching in child care education and became a key person in implementing Australia’s national child care accreditation principles for child care centres on the Gold Coast. As a recognized leader in the field of child care, Sherrie was invited to Hong Kong to facilitate workshops for early childcare teachers at an international school.

In 1990, Sherrie expanded her areas of teaching to include personal growth and development. To enrich her teaching, Sherrie delved deeply into basic counselling, psychic awareness, esoteric studies, inner child therapy, and meditation, bringing the insights and knowledge of these studies into her work. She developed the Find Yew Program, which she offered in Australia and Hong Kong through workshops and one-to-one sessions. Sherrie is an accredited trainer and holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science. B.Msc., degree.

Sherrie is a certified Senior International Trainer in the Mace Energy Method™ – a practical method developed by the renowned John Mace. Before achieving this advanced professional standing, Sherrie traveled and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Hawaii as well as in one of Australia’s leading natural health centres as a teacher of spiritual growth and development.

For the past 15 years, Sherrie has devoted most of her time to sharing the Mace Energy Method with clients and trainees in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, and the UK — assisting them to eliminate long-term emotional scars, stress, depression, addictions, and negative self-image in minutes.

Sherrie is also the first licensee of RealTime Speaking — the first person authorized by creator Robert Rabbin to offer RealTime Speaking workshops and coaching services. In addition to participating in all RTS workshops, Sherrie has received intensive, personalized training from Robert. Her appreciation of RealTime Speaking is profound: “Only when one expresses truthfully, authentically, and confidently what lives within can one truly live a creative self-expressive life without.”

Sherrie teaches people to do just that in her programs of personal and professional development, guided by the core values she holds dear: integrity, truthfulness, simplicity, practicality, and playfulness. She is married, has three grown children, has six grandchildren, and lives in Australia in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

You can visit Sherrie’s website here.


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