mem faqs

What is the Mace Energy Method?

The Mace Energy Method, or MEM, is the practical aspect of Causism Knowledge. It involves a simple series of energy exercises that address the different negative aspects of life. A unique attribute of MEM is that throughout the duration of the session, an individual is not required to divulge anything about his or her life, and are not required to re-live painful experiences.

What areas in my life can I use the Mace Energy Method?

Any problematic area in a person’s life can be addressed by MEM. From simple stresses to anxieties, clinical depression, addiction, learning disabilities, to the different types of abuses, MEM procedures are in place to help individuals. If an individual is not sure what causes a problem, the Mace Energy Method has special questions to uncover the triggers in that individual’s life.

Is the Mace Energy Method a form of a cure?

The Mace Energy Method cannot cure anything. However if an individual wants to change, he or she can receive guidance and lessen his or her burdens. The only condition for this is that an individual has to be willing to change.

Is the Mace Energy Method effective?

Yes. A lot of people from all walks of life who have gone through an MEM Therapy Session once or twice have reported a significant improvement on their outlook in life, how they feel about themselves, and how they live their lives. The major feedback is that not having to re-live unpleasant and painful experiences is a relief in itself. You can check their stories in the Testimonials page.

Can you tell me what the MEM therapy session is not?

MEM is not a counselling session where an individual has to go over some painful aspect of his or her life. Causism has found that talking about life problems has no therapeutic effect, and it can actually make an individual feel worse. The Mace Energy Method has found the way around this painful aspect of counselling.

In addition, no advice is ever given during an MEM Therapy Session. It has been found that clients know what to do, very clearly for themselves, after an MEM Therapy Session.

Why can't I do an MEM Therapy Session on myself?

Unfortunately, the answer is in the negative. The procedures known as the Mace Energy Method are not a ‘self-help’ model. It would be the realisation of a Utopian dream come true if that were the case.

Concerning self-help, these words from Leslie D. Weatherhead’s book, Psychology and Life, says it all. (Weatherhead, (1935):

The difficulty of observing your own mental processes is that you cannot see yourself by yourself, for when you look at yourself, you use a bit of yourself to see yourself; so therefore it is not the whole of yourself you see, is it?