In 2006, three individuals got together to talk about how to protect the legacy of a man the world will later know as John Mace. The outcome of their discussion marked the birth of the Causism Institute.

In the years that followed, few people tried to establish a set of principles of their own that mirrors those of Causism, as well as created a therapy that resembles the Mace Energy Method.  These creations are given different names –  proof that that the power of Causism and the Mace Energy Method when it comes to dis-creating well-being challenges is truly inspiring.


Founder, Causism

John Mace is the Father of Causism and the Mace Energy Method. It was through his life experiences and a single life-changing event that led him to seek that elusive knowledge that will soon fill the void of complementary therapy and healing.

By establishing the principles embodied by Causism, and by designing an alternative approach towards emotional healing as embodied by the Mace Energy Method, John Mace has helped usher in a new age in complementary therapy: non-intrusive, non-talk, and non-recurring problems.

John Mace peacefully joined his Maker in November 2018.


Pioneer, MEM Training Program

International Senior Trainer, MEM

John Avery is a long-time friend, collaborator, and colleague to John Mace. In the early days of John Mace’s foray into what will be called ‘Causism,’ John Avery was also having his own journey, seeking to fill that gap between therapy and long-lasting results.

After years of collaboration with John Mace, John Avery has found the answer to helping people permanently: Causism and the Mace Energy Method. After experiencing the MEM Therapy Session, John Avery knew that it is what he’s been waiting for all these years.

So he trained to become a MEM Practitioner, eventually training again in order to become an international trainer. With John Mace’s passing, John Avery is on a quest to continue with the legacy, serving as a consultant of the Causism Institute.


Director, Causism Institute

International Senior Trainer, MEM

Sherrie’s personal self-enquiry journey began in her mid 20’s while working with children as a child care educator. What she discovered changed her own life views and created many new paths of learning and later teaching.

With a personal story of her own, she discovered Causism in a chance encounter with John Avery – something that would turn her life around, realising that life had brought her to the missing piece John Mace and John Avery had discovered in revealing one’s own innate self or nature. She then trained to become a MEM Practitioner and continued on to become an international trainer.

Alongside John Mace and John Avery, Sherrie has helped establish the Causism Institute as it is known today: a place where future MEM Practitioner and Trainers come together in order to assist people to help and uplift others around the world to know who they really are and to live and express their own unlimited potentials and dreams.

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