causism FAQS

What is Causism?

Causism is a body of knowledge that offers a new paradigm towards emotional health and well-being. The paradigm offers a simplified way of addressing emotional problems by identifying the cause and then directly eliminating that cause through a technique called the Mace Energy Method.

What is the origin of Causism?

Causism is a result of 50 years of research by John Mace. Despite his robust research, he kept coming up with something that was missing.  This led to his discoveries finding the key to handling the true cause of emotional problems, which he later called, ‘Causism.’

Why is Causism important?

Causism is important because first, it allows people to understand the true cause of their emotional problems; second, it allows people to realize that this cause is blocking their self-expression and is affecting their happiness; and third, it allows people to be in control when it comes to eliminating this cause so that they can rid of themselves of the stresses that come about in their daily lives.

How does Causism work?

Causism proposes that negative feelings control people’s lives. Such negative feelings are being accidentally created by people themselves in response to their experiences. For Causism, if these negative feelings are self-created, they can also be dis-created with a little bit of guidance through a method called the Mace Energy Method.

How is Causism observed in daily life?

Most emotional problems are negative feelings manifesting as stress, anger, depression, sadness, just to name a few. At the conclusion of an MEM session, the negative feelings are eliminated, leaving the client feeling their natural or true, happy, and positive self.

How is Causism related to the Mace Energy Method?

Whereas Causism represents the conceptual body of work by John Mace, the application of which is embodied by the Mace Energy Method (MEM). Such application takes the form of the various therapeutic methods under MEM.

How can Causism help with human understanding?

Causism educates people to understand that every problem has a cause. And the cause can be deleted with the Mace Energy Method.

What can I do if I want to learn more about Causism?

You can read John Mace’s book, and if you would like to train as a MEM Practitioner and help people, have a MEM Therapy Session yourself so you can fully understand the simple power and the profound results in just one session.