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Imagine an effective, yet simple, straight forward method which is guaranteed to BOOST your Personal Productivity (success) in all areas of your life. It is available now. You can say goodbye to indecision, procrastination, frustration, stress and any other feeling that is stopping you getting things done, then be able to enjoy satisfaction and confidence. Below, see examples of happy clients who experienced this Method.

Research has discovered that Personal Productivity has four vital elements, namely 1 The DECISION to do 2 Actually STARTING 3 PERSISTING Then 4 COMPLETING or FINISHING it. Every activity which ends successfully has involved these four elements. Conversely cases where Personal Productivity is low or very difficult, has as its cause, an absence or breakdown in one of these four elements.

To briefly explain the positives and negatives on these four elements, which are essential to all Personal Productivity (Success).

Some people can easily make decisions, while others may have great difficulty, they dither or be-come overwhelmed with some negative feeling, which stops them.
NOTE: Any chronic hesitation or inability to makes decisions, adversely affects all Personal Productivity.

Once again, some people get started on projects with no hesitation while others may procrastinate, experience a fear or just waste time instead.
NOTE: Without a prompt start there will be less or no Personal Productivity.

Many people can persist once they get started even under pressure, while others tend to give up, what actually happens in many cases they just seem to run out of energy. The exact reason for this has been discovered in this research and how to quickly recover it.
NOTE: Without persistence (no matter what) Personal Productivity at best will be low or even none existent.

Completing everything they start comes easily to some people, then, they get on with the next thing, while others are surrounded with half done things. As hard as they try some people just can’t seem to finish things and become overwhelmed.
NOTE: All incompletions adversely affect, ones confidence, satisfaction and of course Personal Productivity (success).

There is another very important aspect of Personal Productivity that affects your energy/ attention (concentration)Say hypothetically we each have only 100 units of attention/energy at our disposal. Each time we start a project or job we invest some of our attention/energy into it.

Imagine for example a person has 5 or 6 projects incomplete, suppose 10 units of Attention/energy is tied up in each that means this person only has only about 50 units available now to do their present work .This could be very dangerous if that person was in charge of a big machine or even driving a car etc.

If you have any doubts about this hypothesis,” THINK about a time when you may have had projects or jobs incomplete,” how often did your attention go back to them while you were doing other things?’
Then ”Recall a time when you spent some time completing a few jobs that had been hanging around not done” then” recall how good you felt when they were all completed”. WHY?, because you got back all the attention/energy that had been tied up in the part done jobs.

Many years ago a mentor of mine told me something important that has stayed with me ever since. He said “The secret of a successful life is, to do what you are doing while you are doing it”. In other words, stay in the now!. Having all or at least most of your attention/energy available for the present task you are doing, is what creates maximum Personal Productivity, satisfaction and success.

Every single ACTIVITY you ever do involves you in making a DECISION STARTING , PERSISTING , COMPLETING OR FINISHING it, from wanting to have a glass of water to building a new house, everything!

There are many areas of life where this procedure can and has already helped various people boost their Personal Productivity and happiness with their life. To name a few areas, there is our WORK, which covers the self employed or an employee, for student this would be Study, for a housewife this would be caring for house and family. Our HOME life, this covers, relationships and caring for belongings ETC. OUR SOCIAL life, once again relationships and being able to take part in pleasurable activities and enjoy them.

Note: This procedure can be used to address ANY other area of life where a person is having any difficulties.

Here is an example of a self employed client who was feeling stressed and unsure,
whilst doing a long distance UNIVERSITY course nights and attending to clients during the day.

March 2012

Hello John!

How are you doing?
Just thought you’d like to know my week after the session went amazingly well….I was fo-cused….ideas about my assignment which was due the next Monday April 2 just popped into my head….I feel that I wrote my assignment very well and am happy with what I did. Thought I was going to be late sending it in as I was caught up with some work clients however, I just sailed in under the midnight time frame for submission without the panic and stress that I’ve experienced in the past. Even when my computer decided to have a hissy fit (I probably pushed the wrong buttons somewhere) I was able to stay calm and think of another way around the issue at hand. I felt really good all week and very clear….didn’t procrastinate on doing the assignment and worked well around clients.

May 2012

Hi John,
Just received my marks for the total of the last semester where I received a distinction for each of my essays and together with the marks from the exam, I maintained a Distinction for the entire subject.
Thank you for helping me get there.

SM, Queensland

The purpose of this PRODUCTIVITY PROCEDURE is to help create a person who can operate at maximum personal ability in all areas of their life where they wish to, be it work, sport, family life or social life. It has been found that any low area has the potential to drag the others down, so it be-hooves one to keep all areas at optimum.

This is not an educational procedure, it addresses the person’s natural abilities and fully rehabilitates them so then the person operates at full potential without undue effort or stress.
This procedure is only one part of what is the MACE ENERGY METHOD which has procedures to address any problem in life, then , the simple mental exercises help a client delete all the negatives, which leaves them in control of their life able to achieve their own dreams and goals.

Another example of a self employed client, who was not being effective, anxious and overwhelmed .This client, is now in control of her life and enjoying it.

Dear John,

As promised, please find below my testimonial.

John’s Mace Energy Method work has been of fantastic value to me.

Over a year ago I had one session with John that improved my life. I have gone from strength to strength since he helped me in at least three ways.

1. At the time I could not face my piles of bills, I was anxious and unable to concentrate in my business at all. John’s session changed that and I was able to rationally work with my pile of bills on a regular basis and take steps to make arrangements and remove the pressure I was putting on myself.

2. Working with John, I discovered that an event in my life had enforced an idea that I was “not important”. This idea held me back in so many areas of relationships with others, as I was putting others‘ needs so much higher than my own that I had no boundaries and so often felt resentful.
This, too, has gone and I am able to recognize my importance and gifts for others without losing sight of my own needs.

3. John targeted my productivity blocks. He then helped me find and remove them by having me do the Mace Energy exercises They completely removed my propensity to procrastinate and replaced it with a confidence that gets things done in a successful way now.

I have referred John to so many people in my work and personal life, as this Method is so effective in such a short period of time.

Thank you, John, for making your difference in our world.


This method is unique as no personal disclosure is required, sessions can be arranged out of normal business hours and can be done over SKYPE in the comfort of your own office, home or on the farm for rural clients. This eliminates the distance and time problem.

Think of this as a tune up for you, if you are stressed, under pressure finding work or life is not enjoyable, it soon can be. Make the Decision! call now for an appointment, or to get any further details visit for details.


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