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Written by John Mace


Introducing a new paradigm, Causism™ along with its practical component the Mace Energy Method.

Causism™ is a coined word, a composite of two other English words:

1. Cause: a. To make things happen. b. To create an effect.
2. Ism: A doctrine or principle.

It is a body of knowledge composed where possible, of simple commonly understood words instead of the esoteric language of an elitist few and is dedicated to the emotional health of individuals, with this purpose: To assist people to be in control of their own lives and live their own dreams – (in other words achieve Happiness)

The Mace Energy Method (MEM) comprises a series of unique spiritual exercises that address and neutralise emotional pain and trauma. The word spiritual is not used in a religious sense.

After the application of MEM by a trained practitioner, all emotionally traumatic incidents can be viewed simply and dispassionately as “something that happened” in keeping with this adage; although you cannot change the past you can definitely change how the past effects you now.


Philosophy has its origins in Greek and Latin’s philosophia with the meaning ”love of knowledge”. Knowledge of course is the fountain of wisdom.

With the definition of Philosophia it is obvious that the word philosophy covers an infinite array of subjects but unless specifically defined otherwise it has come to mean a study of the spiritual rather than the material side of life. Because the human spirit has no material component and is thus invisible it defies description so it can only be understood by the acceptance of what it does or can do. The ultimate illustration of its function is in the negative: What happens to a person if the spirit departs? The answer of course is that the body ceases to operate and the person is said to be dead. In keeping with this illustration it is a basic fact of life that nothing will happen unless some energy is present and applied, hence Causism’s definition of the human spirit as a Human Energy Unit.

My own copious philosophic reading has thrown up a dizzying array of noted individual researchers, lecturers and writers from Bertrand Russell of our own recent times to Lao Tzu, recognised as the founder of Taoism, in 6th century BC China. Other well-known individuals encountered were Plato, Pythagoras, Zeno, Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius. All were interested in the philosophic side of life. However, It was the Polish Count, Alfred Korzybski (1879-1950) that put me on the path that my own unique research has taken. It was his comparatively brief but incredible explanation of time that had such a profound life changing effect on me. As a matter of interest all trainee MEM practitioners undergo the same exercise, but it is impossible to do it solo as it requires an experienced trainer to guide them through it.

The existence of the human spirit, the psyche, is generally nominated as the basic element in human life, from which is derived the terms Psychology and Psychiatry, although both have abandoned its original meaning, in a move from the spiritual to the material.


NOTE: Before reading further it is advised that the term “emotional health” is used instead of “mental health”. This is a deliberate choice of words for scientific reasons, which are not pertinent to this writing but are fully explained in the book featured on our International web site

Emotional health as a subject covers more than the extremes of insanity and when I referred above to emotional problems I was not addressing those extremes, but to the prevalence in today’s society of the multitude of emotional disorders.

To continue, it seems that there was no attempt to create a practical discipline concerning emotional healing until the advent of Wilhelm Wundt (1832 –1920). Millions of words have been written about the philosophy of life but he was the first individual that I am aware of to address the actual healing of emotional ill health with a practical procedure. Admittedly, in the ‘dark ages’ insanity and outlandish behavior was attributed to ‘evil spirits’ and such practices as exorcism were futile attempts to cure people by riding them of their ‘so called’ demons. To successfully handle any ill health you need to eliminate the cause and exorcising demons was an ill-fated attempt to do just that. Exorcism of course had a religious background whereas my own work has a scientific background devoid of religious connotations.

It is interesting that it took thousands of years of philosophic discourse before Wundt arrived on the scene in the 19th century. Of course there are those who say that it was only in comparatively recent years that science has progressed to harnessing atomic energy and space travel etc and that both psychology and psychiatry are only examples of the evolution of knowledge.

However, Causism™ is not evolutionary, far be from it, it is the product of a sudden personal enlightenment, such as that experienced by the legendary Archimedes in the bath, when he famously exclaimed EUREKA! (I have found it) Unlike Archimedes I was not looking for an answer to a problem, nor did I utter an exclamation, for I was momentarily speechless and awestruck with what had literally come to me “out of the blue.”

History is littered with individuals, listed alphabetically from Aristotle to Zeno, far too many to even attempt to name them individually, who could be classified as philosophers, but Wundt stands out as a person who attempted to do something constructive, something practical about the emotional vagaries of life. As well as writing, talking and generally theorising about life’s emotional problems, he attempted to create a discipline that would at least alleviate them if not to eradicate them altogether. There is no doubt that he is the father of today’s psychology and psychiatry.

This writing may seem to be evolving into an adulation of Wundt as the instigator and creator of a discipline that addresses emotional healing but that is not the case. I greatly admire Wundt for his initiative in bringing a practical element into the talkfest of philosophy, but if you look at Wundt’s work from an objective viewpoint it has simply been an extension of philosophic theories. All he did was to extend the talkfest where all clients are encouraged to ‘tell me about it’.

My own method of alleviating emotional stress and even emotional distress is a complete departure from the need ‘to talk about it’ to such an extent that clients are told that talking about it, is of no therapeutic value whatsoever, a polite way of saying, “save your breath!” MEM is devoid of narrative and self-disclosure, all the practitioner needs to know is how the client feels when their attention is put onto some unwanted aspect of their life.

At the beginning of this article it states ‘nothing will happen unless some energy is present and applied’, in other words energy is the root cause of each and every effect, both good and bad. In eliminating emotional problems, Causism’s™ MEM addresses and eliminates their cause so that with cause eliminated there can be no effect, thus NO EMOTIONAL PROBLEM remaining!

Psychology utilises ‘talking about it’, so is only an extension of the traditional talkfest and I was going down that road myself until a very illuminating experience taught me that there was another, previously unknown path to an understanding and alleviation of emotional distress.

I have no intention of going into that now, as it is fully covered in my book. What I do want to go into though is why the MEM despite its unparalleled success rates compared with other practices is ignored by academia as a whole and medicine and psychology in particular.

The words of Mahatma Gandhi when referring to the British regime in India stated, although I must paraphrase, “At first they ignored me, but when I would not go away, they attacked me and then I knew I would win.”

I am at the ignore stage, so I would welcome an attack. I would not defend myself but simply state, “prove I am wrong”.

This raises the obvious question; if Causism™ is so successful why is it so little known and used?

There are of course many valid individual answers but as I see it, the real answer is a combination of them all rather than any particular one.

The first element that needs mentioning concerns me as the researcher and founder of the Causism™ organisation. I am a qualified and experienced Master Marine, long since retired and my education in that field included an in depth study of magnetism, the energy form that holds the universe together. To expand on that theme, when I was studying, over sixty years ago, satellite navigation was not even a distant dream. At the time an important element in navigation was the magnetic compass so that knowledge of magnetism was an essential part of the curriculum. I also did post qualification studies in magnetism because of a desire to go down a related but different career path. Those studies have been of incalculable value in my own research.

Because I have no formal education in the humanities my research and its findings are dismissed out of hand. What is grotesque about that is that if I had a humanities education I would be doing exactly as they are doing, complete with all its failures and inadequacies. Causism™ is what it is because it totally ignores current psychological “wisdoms” and practices.

The attitude of the guardians of psychology exactly mirrors those of William Harvey’s detractors. Harvey was the English physician of the early 1600s who first discovered the true nature of the blood stream. In the light of today’s knowledge it is almost laughable that the theories of the Greek physician Galen, who was born in Asia Minor about 130AD, or about 1500 years before Harvey, were still then accepted. As brilliant as Galen was in other fields he mistakenly believed that the blood ebbed and flowed like the ocean’s tides. The point I wish to make is that one of Harvey’s vehement detractors is on record as saying, “I would rather err with Galen than be right with Harvey!” How one eyed or biased can you get?

One further example of the attitude to my research by so called authorities is a cartoon brilliantly depicting an individual totally confused and bewildered with the caption, “Do not confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!”

Tragically, that in a nutshell is the story of my own research.

I have used the word tragically because Causism’s™ procedures have the ability, for most people, to eliminate the cause of any addiction in less than an hour, together with one of society’s current plagues, depression, plus every emotional malady that does not have a physical cause. I suppose it is this almost unbelievable ability, akin to a panacea, that is its greatest drawback, because of its perceived unreality, yet all the associated web pages are full of testimonials attesting to this ability. The first testimonial on my web page states, “You are a hundred years ahead of your time”. This is a vast underestimation as Causism™ is light years ahead of current thinking and that of course is a major problem in disseminating into a majorly conservative society.

Another element in this narrative is the stranglehold by academia concerning the beliefs and protocols promoted by Wundt. His work eventually reached the ears of G. Stanley Hall an American academic who became his first American graduate.

My readings indicate that Wundt’s work was successfully promoted to wealthy American philanthropists such as Rockefeller, so that backed by big money the ideas propounded by Wundt took hold.

A final comment is that MEM cannot only permanently eradicate emotional problems almost one for one, but also far more rapidly and cheaper than any other current practice. The comparative cheapness and effectiveness of our services is probably the final reason to oppose us for we are an implied threat to both the status and income of all other practitioners in the field of emotional health.

Having said that, it is emphasised that MEM practitioners are not an elitist group, far from it. We are open to all in keeping with this extract from my book ”KNOWLEDGE BELONGS TO ALL!”


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