Who is John Mace?

Celebrating the man who pioneered one of the most unique and effective therapies in the world today: the Mace Energy Method. This is an article that John Mace himself has written. Get to know him and how his quest for self-rediscovery started.

Recently, people have queried my status, not only with the obvious question, “What are his qualifications?” but also with the rather derogatory question, “Who is he?”

I am reminded of a conversation that occurred many years ago when I was employed as a Harbour Master and reasonably well-known in the local community. After successfully suing a newspaper in a private matter, my name was in the press. One young individual stopped me in the street and asked, “Why did you sue them?” When I replied that what they published was untrue and defamatory, her response was, “But why did you sue them?” Considering the response I had just given her I was a bit nonplussed until it suddenly dawned on me that she was implying that only well-known individuals of social status sued newspapers, certainly not people like us.

Now that my work is spreading in the public arena, not only here in Australia but also in other countries, that same attitude has been rearing its head. This is particularly so among mental health “authorities” who question my credentials, but also from a skeptical public who know nothing about my research and me. I must admit that I have never harboured thoughts of fame and notoriety and still do not, but for the sake of furthering the spread of this valuable research and instead of continuing to shrug off derogatory and skeptical attitudes, it is long overdue that the record be put straight.

To answer some of the above queries here is my academic background in relation to Causism™ and its practical component: the Mace Energy Method.

I am a long-since retired Master Mariner and among the subjects I had to study and master, such as international maritime law and spherical trigonometry etc, was also magnetic theory. In those comparatively distant days the gyro compass was from a commercial point of view considered to be an expensive technical gimmick and merely an aid, rather than a navigational necessity. Satellite navigation was then not even a distant dream so that ships relied almost entirely on the magnetic compass, hence the need to be familiar with it. Some years after qualifying as Master Mariner I also did a deeper study of magnetism with the aim of qualifying as a compass adjuster, an important maritime role. Let me explain.

A ship’s magnetic compass is influenced by two magnetic forces, the earth’s magnetic field, which produces what is called Variation and also by the ship’s own field called Deviation. Deviation is caused by inherent magnetic fields in the ship’s metal structure. Even wooden ships have ferrous metal components. Variation is a constant, depending on location but deviation is variable and influenced by both the ship’s structure and the direction in which it is heading. Every commercial ship did and probably still does, require its compass be competently adjusted for the deviation element. It is many years since I last stood on the bridge of a ship, but assuming they are still fitted with a magnetic compass the role of a compass adjuster is still extant.

In those distant years before satellite navigation, a properly adjusted magnetic compass was one of three essential implements aboard a ship, the other two were a chronometer and sextant. The importance of an accurate timepiece, the chronometer has already featured in my book, but the importance of the science of magnetic energy has not.

Before proceeding, please note that this article is not meant as a treatise on magnetism or any other maritime subject, but to explain as simply as possible that my educational background is more than learning how to read and write, but also, very importantly to give an insight into how and why the Mace Energy Method works to improve the emotional state of any individual who has had the benefit of experiencing it.

The subject of magnetism is a science in its own right. It is not only a form of energy, but importantly an element in the energy that pervades the entire universe, hence this statement by Einstein: “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Every magnet has a north and a south pole and there is an internal flow between them, graphically displayed with curved lines joining them that are called ‘lines of force’. It is along the lines of force that a magnetic compass needle aligns. Even a flat piece of steel has a pole on each side. Not only does the earth have its own energy field but so too do we humans and that is where this discourse is leading, but not yet. For a flow of energy to take place there has to be a positive and a negative element and the flow is always from positive to negative. This is what electricity is; it is a flow of electrons between a positive and a negative pole. Small battery operated appliances display both + and – signs to indicate this.

As regards magnetic theory there are three factors that are pertinent to Causism™ and its Mace Energy Method. Factor No 1 is that two similar energies, be they plus or minus, repel each other and two dissimilar energies, a plus and a minor, attract each other. Factor No 2 concerns the law of induction, which is the act of influencing or causing something to happen in another entity, for example ”some drugs induce sleep”. In magnetism some metals are more prone to induction than others and if a piece of metal that is prone to induction is placed in the energy field of another stronger magnetic field, the former will be induced with the field of the latter. Factor No 3 is a Causism™ law that states, “We are only affected by what we are unaware of.” Although this refers to an energy flow, in a physical sense a simple example is the need to protect young children from dangers they are oblivious to.

Every living human being is activated by an energy source that we call “I” when referring to one’s self or in the group sense as “WE”. It must be understood that “I” and “WE” are not terms referring for a body or bodies but are really referring to the innate energy unit itself that controls a body. From an educational aspect it is sad to say that so few people are aware of this difference. This entity, the energy unit, is fundamentally and innately supreme in its own right, but importantly is also happy and positive, imbued with the French joie de vivre – joy of life. Causism™ has given this entity the unique name of Human Energy Unit. This terminology separates Causism’s™ technical and scientific nature from religion’s Human Spirit, for we are involved in physics not religion. In life and living the three factors introduced in the above paragraph are involved in every emotional aspect of life from joy to pain and despair. Let me explain.

When an inherently naturally positive Human Energy Unit is in contact with an external energy field, which is unknowingly negative, there is natural attraction as per factor 1. Then, because there is no time in the energy universe, factors 2 and 3 are also simultaneously activated, hence the existence of every negative emotional condition known to man and is the source of personality. The negative factors are called Negative Identities, because they have every negative or non survival aspect you can think of and by which people are recognised, for instance, “He is always angry”, “ He can’t be trusted”, “She is a real gold digger”.

What the Mace Energy Method procedure does is to make a client AWARE of a negative influence and using their inherent supreme POSITIVENESS, induce an overwhelming POSITIVE influence to overcome the initial negativity. The actual, ridiculously simple process is taught and drilled during training. It is this action that is the genus of our mission statement: To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams.

Testimonials from untold numbers of clients validate the mission statement. An example is this unsolicited post from an American who is currently undergoing training: “This method is going to change how the world handles emotional upsets. It is good to see a YouTube video about the method. John Mace is a Living Legend. I was introduced to the method and had a session on FEB 1 2014. Very simple, yet very powerful. I am in training now because of the results I have seen in myself. Now that there is a method that I can use to actually help people, not just try to comfort, but actually help, I cannot pass it up. I am an American Veteran. Many of my friends have PTSD and watching them suffer is heartbreaking. I want to Master the Mace Energy Method, not just for me but for them and anyone having any emotional upset. I cannot find the words to express how this method has changed my life, or how grateful I am to finally be able to actually help my friends. Thank You John”

As stated by the genius Einstein, the entire universe is basically energy, but let us confine our remarks to our own solar system that is held in place by the pull and push of energy.

What is interesting about every material component of the physical universe is that it must actually be, in line with Einstein’s analysis, a manifestation of energy. This is what makes the statement, “we handle cause not manifestation” so profound. The truth of this proposition is the incredible explosive power of nuclear weapons, which revert, not convert matter into energy. Gunpowder, the first demonstration of this process has now been consigned to history.

A final comment about energy and an indication of our comparative lack of knowledge on the subject concerns a magnetic field’s ability to induce other fields in perpetuity without losing any of its own energy. Shades of science’s visionary but unattainable perpetual motion engine, me thinks!

Copyright © John Mace. October 9th, 2015 / All Rights Reserved

For further information about John Mace and The Mace Energy Method, please email hello@causisminstitute.com.

Permission has been granted to share this article provided the content is not modified and full credit is given to John Mace.

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