The Causism Mentorship Program

ABOUT this program

The Causism Mentorship Program is offered to all certified Mace Energy Method Practitioners who have obtained their certification under the Causism MEM Specialization Program and the Causism Facilitation Program.

At the end of the program, trainees will be conferred the title ‘Causism Trainer.’ Once certified, Causism Trainers will be added to the directory of trainers on the website and in any marketing and promotional materials released by the Causism Institute. Causism Trainers can conduct MEM Therapy Sessions, deliver MEM health and well-being programs, and train incoming Mace Energy Method Practitioners.

How to Enroll

Pre-requisite: Causism Apprenticeship, Specialisation, and Facilitation Program Certifications.

Since you are already a certified and licensed MEM Practitioner, please feel free to get in touch with any of the Causism Trainers to let them know of your interest in this program.

Submit all of the required documents and nominate your preferred trainer. If your preferred trainer is not available, the Causism Institute will assign you one.

Pay the required training fees, and start training. The ideal training period is from four to six months but you can take breaks.

program advantages

The Causism Mentorship Program is the penultimate destination you can take in the Causism Institute. Another program is being designed, and the details will be revealed soon. For this program, you will now be trained in order to become a trainer.

Referred to as ‘train the trainer,’ this program will help you walk through the process of training incoming Mace Energy Method Practitioners. You can happily reminisce about the days when you were training to become a Mace Energy Method Practitioner and envision how you will be doing the same thing to other individuals through this program.

At the end of the program, you will be certified as a Causism Trainer, and alongside your certificates as a Mace Energy Method Practitioner and as a Causism Facilitator, you can deliver the entire MEM Services package to those who are interested.

Please note that before you can enroll in this program, you must have been certified as a Causism Facilitator through the Causism Facilitator Program.

professional recognition

Successful trainees will be able to practice as licensed Mace Energy Method Practitioners internationally and be eligible for membership with the International Association of Causism Practitioners (IACP) and The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The Causism Institute is an internationally-recognised and accredited training provider by the IICT where members can access personal and professional indemnity MEM Practitioner insurance. Successful trainees will be eligible for membership with the IACP and the IICT.