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I had a MEM Therapy session, and I felt really good afterwards. I thought I was dumb and not as smart as my brother. I was having troubles with other girls at my school. After my session, I felt really positive about me and could not even say I was dumb anymore. I could see how me thinking that was stopping me from doing my work. I was smart and I had different smarts than my brother. Also, I knew I could walk away from the people who were not my real friends without feeling any bad feelings.

Laura, Student

Alita Barnes

From the very moment I received a phone call from Sherrie after sending her an email about the Mace energy method I knew she was brilliant!

After that phone call, I was so excited to have a mace session, not knowing what I was in for but I came away ecstatic and wanted to learn to be able to help others through MEM it was nothing I’d ever experienced before and Sherrie’s kind, caring extremely knowledgable gift has guided me to become so confident in my knowing.

The structure was easily set out and the reading material was extremely interesting and the new knowledge was so capturing.

The course has guided me to be able to change my & my family’s lives in enormous amounts of positive ways. And my clients love it too.

Sherrie was 100% devoted to training and guiding at such a high standard and her commitment was exceptional.

Enormous amounts of gratitude

Alita Barnes, Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Health Coach

Catherine May Taylor

After 12 years, still suffering, I suffered another massive loss and this turned out to be the most amazing gift. It led me to a business card, which led me to a website, which led me to a phone call, an ebook and then my life changed…..unbelievably for the better. That ebook was Causism.

I purchased it at the airport, whilst waiting for the plane to my brother’s funeral. In that 3-hour flight, I had read half the book, and my life had changed, never to be the same again – and I hadn’t even had a session. This was true. It resonated with my soul, and my soul was happy. This was the truth that I had been searching for my whole life.

This was the start of reaching my potential. This was so different from anything else I had read or studied – and I have studied some different ones!

This was a paradigm shift in concepts, reality, awareness, and what we believe.

That was the start of an incredible journey so far.

My first session was incredible. All without talk therapy. No longer grief-stricken, years of pain, and suffering – gone in a few hours. It was challenging at times, but worth it.

And each session revealed more of the true authentic me. This is the gift of Causism and the Mace Energy Method. I cannot tell you how much it has changed. Because it has to be experienced to be realised. It is like telling someone about childbirth if they have never been there or experienced it themselves.

Catherine Poole

Throughout my life as a child and adult, I have always had a desire to not only find peace, happiness, and direction in my own life but also to assist others in finding freedom from life’s disappointments, upsets, and traumas.

After a huge upheaval in my own life and exhausting every avenue in trying to clear my own unwanted feelings behaviours and destructive patterns…my search for answers as to HOW.

I was going to move forward and not only be happy but achieve my dreams, goals, and purpose in life, which led me to Mr. John Mace..the founder of the Mace Energy Method & Causism.

I am a registered MEM and Causism Practitioner and have been a part of John Mace’s dream since the Inception of this wonderful method developed in the 80s & 90s.

I have assisted many clients over the years to also gain clarity, freedom, and peace in their own lives resulting in them also achieving their dreams, goals, and purpose in their lives.

Dagmar Kraus

In my clinic working as Bowen Therapist and Straighten Up Therapist I noticed that sometimes emotional problems are closely related to body problems and can stop the body’s natural healing process. When a friend told me about MEM and how great the session was with Sherrie I decided to give this a go for myself as I had noticed amazing changes in my friend. I was very impressed with the session and the personal growth and change it caused in my life. I felt that this was a missing link in my business assisting people with emotional stress as well as the physical side of it especially when there is a blockage.

The training with Sherrie was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed she was walking by my side all the way – the training was very professional and you just feel and know that Sherrie’s heart is in what she does. She was always available when you needed her. Sherrie thank you so much you are a wonderful person and thanks for all the laughter we shared during the training!

Dagmar Kraus, Perth, Australia
Bowen Therapist
Straighten Up Therapist

Julie Gant

I love the life-changing process and the instant effectiveness of the Mace Energy Method. The non-disclosure of any personal experience reveals how simple it is for each person to no longer be hindered by any negativities and feel and live life through their true self.

Kaelen Wolf

Before I found MEM, I spent many years analyzing the details of my past, trying to figure out why I felt so broken. I tried all sorts of healing modalities, yet after years of this, there were still some insecurities that I couldn’t break free of until I had a MEM session for myself.

The good news is, that with MEM, you don’t have to spend years dwelling on details of your past like I did. Your journey can be smoother and swifter!

With MEM, we can get straight to the source of your troubles and eliminate them permanently, so you can get on with enjoying your life and realising your potential – what a gift!

I’m so excited to be offering this wonderful modality to others, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey of transformation!

Marsha Grixti

I started my MEM journey as a client.

I was struggling with the impacts of life’s curveballs, so I was looking for a clear path. I was not keen to go down the path, where you had to relive your trauma over and over. I had been there and done that many times, but I always found that the healing was only ever short-lived, as another trigger brought it back to the surface.

It was a vicious cycle of “Yeah I’m fine,” then “No I’m not”.

I came across MACE through an online event. Listening to the Practioner explain the Mace Method, resonated right there and then. I knew that this was the path to Emotional Healing, it just made sense.

Experiencing the MACE Method gives you an understanding of how we are supposed to be living our lives. How it feels to be living to our greatest potential. You feel so much lighter, breathing freely and not being bothered by other people’s stuff. For me, this had to be shared with anyone and everyone who wanted to release their trauma and break the cycle of living with silent mental anguish.

I studied to become a Practitioner because I want people to experience the possibilities of living without trauma and mental illness and living with expectations that aren’t your own.

Peter Balde

I first came across MEM in 2002 when I saw a tiny couple of sentences in a newspaper ad which caught my eye. I then booked a session with John Mace. This session had an amazing impact on me and cleared some major and minor life issues. I also had a profound mind shift shortly after the session. As a consequence, I left a secure, well-paid, and yet brain-numbing job of 14 years to train as a MEM Practitioner and to teach Tai Chi.

I know Mace Energy Method sessions are effective in helping people with all kinds of unwanted thoughts and reactions while they are playing this game called life.

Robert Tichelaar

There are 3 people in the Construction Industry alone who commit suicide every week due to emotional stress, and an average of 8.3 people in general populous suicide every Day.

That day came for me, The day I had decided to commit suicide. I say I was fortunate because as fate has it, I had pre-arranged to meet up with some friends for a catch-up, who are a part of the Mace Energy Method. They immediately saw my hidden facial indicators and “gave me a session that day” I can honestly say, that the Mace Method saved my life.

The session was like taking a breath of fresh air again. I felt safe in that environment, I didn’t have to talk anymore about my traumas and try to protect my identity. I knew the unwanted feelings I was having on that day were also controlling my decisions. After that MEM session, and the shame of wanting to commit suicide, the feeling of instant relief from the overwhelming feelings and negative thoughts that had become a part of my daily life had now gone. I felt I had more energy, and was back in charge of my life. It was at that point my life changed, and I decided to become a full-time MEM Practitioner to help others.

Sa Silvano

A visitor to our home left behind a book called “Causism” by John Mace. My husband Claudio suggested that I might find it an interesting read, but it still took a few weeks before I picked it up. I read the entire book a couple of times, and although I did not know it at the time, it was the beginning of a new chapter of my life.

When I finished the book, I explored the Causism website and booked a session, curious to experience the MEM process developed by John Mace, and in the liberating aftermath of my session, I committed to an intense six-month training course to become a MEM facilitator.

It has been a wondrous journey of truly lightening up and I look forward to helping anybody ready to embrace their liberation.

If you feel that it is your time to release the things that have burdened you and stopped you from creating and living the life you truly wish to live, then I invite you to book a MEM session, it is a simple but powerfully effective therapy.

Sherrie Hatfield

Through a series of events and with life always looking afterlife, I met John Avery – John Mace’s right-hand man. Through a very cathartic meeting, John shared that he may be able to assist me with what I was experiencing.

I was resistant as I had resigned from it all. I asked him how his premise was any different from all the other therapies and awareness offerings.

I went for my first MEM session and within the first part of the process called ‘Discreating your Ruin,’ everything that I was searching to understand fell into place. By the end of the session, I could not believe it was that simple. There was no talking about me, my beliefs, how I saw the problem, other people, what I had understood so far, mental constructing, and no advice or counseling.

It was truly transcendent, and I experienced the vastness of my being that was beyond words. I had no emotional turmoil, no negative thoughts, or any thoughts. I just felt incredible, timeless, and calm. I even tried to think about my issues after leaving my session and still could not feel the low-level feelings that I initially experienced. I was just smiling, and I felt whole.

What I didn’t tell you was that my husband left our relationship at that time. That was my crisis. However, when I went home, I found my responses to him to be more open and authentic. Within a month, my relationship had changed so dramatically that we were organically on the road to creating a whole new relationship together. We’re still enjoying that to this day.

The truth is, that session had ripple effects in all areas of my life: my children, friends, work opportunities, and the people that started showing up in my life.

Most of all, I was living from that feeling of being and no longer trying to find it or to think about it.

As I write this, I am standing in knowing what I was shown 27 years ago has led me here to this moment.

It is a simple innate joy I feel in sharing Causism and the Mace Energy Method with others. From the perspective of a practitioner, it is effective and long-lasting, without all the time spent analyzing and talking about the client’s problems. It is a simple, new paradigm for understanding oneself and a way forward.

Vanessa Stevens

I came across Mace when my ex–husband had a session and I noticed a big change in him. This got me curious as a counsellor, I was always looking for ways to help not only myself but my clients also. So I decided to go and have a session myself to see what it was all about.

I decided to become a practitioner because I was blown away by the amazing results I received in just one session. Things that I had been ]working on and trying to overcome for years were gone. I knew I had found the path I had been searching for my whole adult life.

Susan McKenzie

I believe that we deserve to live in a healthy environment and that starts within us the most efficient and safest method I have found to use is M.E.M. As a client, which I was, it is the least stressful way of releasing and eliminating negativity patterns permanently … the missing link I had been searching for!

Wendy Edmondson

I happened upon MEM whilst searching for something entirely different and after reading as much as I could find on the net about it I was hooked and wanted to embarked upon training as soon as I possible! So I contacted Sherrie after reading her website which drew me as it has a lot of information on it. My experience from having Sherrie guide me through my own MEM sessions and then on through the training with her has been one of great discovery! She creates a fond and welcoming environment to work in and guides and teaches with great finesse and smart insight. Her experience and sense of humour all add to that mix making my journey with the MEM a very pleasant and powerful one!

Wendy Edmondson, Manchester, United Kingdom
NLP Master Practitioner
Stress Counsellor
Motivational Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist