sa silvano, mem practitioner

I have spent more than thirty years on my path of healing, self-discovery, and awakening. I have explored, learned, and even taught some of the spiritual practices and modalities that have assisted me to come to an easier place within myself.

Some of these include meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, Reiki, Pranic healing, Theta healing, Sound healing, Crystal healing, Bush flower essences, Attunement, Ascension, Shamanism, and an abiding interest in non-dualistic principles.

Life for me has been an ongoing and often challenging journey, but always leads to greater awareness of self through change and revelation, transformation and transcendence, expansion and liberation.

Some years ago, I experienced a radical shift in my psyche that resulted in a deep and ecstatic experience of myself as consciousness, as the unlimited eternal being that I am and always was.

From that moment on I have found it easy to drop into that state of transcendent awareness whenever I needed to. The awareness of who I am became a constant. I began to live with a greater capacity for love, joy, acceptance, compassion, and peace. I experienced more clarity and heightened self-awareness.

The moment I would notice an arising or triggering up of past unresolved emotions, I would immediately bring myself into present moment awareness, and doing this always restored me to peace and equanimity. My experience showed me that the more present I was to whatever else was present, including any uncomfortable emotions that had arisen, the lighter I became. There was a release happening and I realised that when we are truly present and accepting, we create a state of non-resistance and our energies begin to flow naturally and effortlessly. This allows for anything that does not align with the truth of who we are to be released, leaving us lighter and freer and therefore happier than we were before. And so I believed that I was free from the past because I had the key to release its negative influences and lift myself out of suffering.

However, what I did not realise at the time was that there was a lot more from my past buried deep in my psyche, and these old painful emotions and beliefs about myself and life continued to linger in the depths of my subconscious. Although there would be some release each time I sat in stillness, and deep acceptance of the present moment, there was so much more I was holding onto that I was completely unaware of. So ultimately, I was not as free as I had believed myself to be. I had become effective at managing the negative influences of my past, but I was not free of them.

This realisation only came about after a visitor to our home left behind a book called “Causism” by John Mace. My husband Claudio suggested that I might find it an interesting read, but it still took a few weeks before I picked it up. I read the entire book a couple of times, and although I did not know it at the time, it was the beginning of a new chapter of my life.

When I finished the book, I explored the Causism website and booked a session, curious to experience the MEM process developed by John Mace, and in the liberating aftermath of my session, I committed to an intense six-month training course to become a MEM facilitator.

It has been a wondrous journey of truly lightening up and I look forward to helping anybody ready to embrace their liberation.

If you feel that it is your time to release the things that have burdened you and stopped you from creating and living the life you truly wish to live, then I invite you to book in for a MEM session, it is a simple but powerfully effective therapy.

I would love to assist you and it would be a privilege to be your guide.

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