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I first noticed Mace Energy Method 20 years ago, a tiny ad in a magazine. I wasn’t seeking help yet the ad caught my eye.

I hadn’t had any counseling, or therapy like before, as with everyone else I have experienced the highs and lows of life, some of which we would rather have not. Chin up, press on as we do. I booked in for a session with John Mace, simply put it was life-changing not just a feel-good event. John guided me to understand how and why the past had been affecting me. Life was now clearer and more relaxed, felt present.

2004 I booked in with John again, it was the same as above and more. With this newfound clarity, I made some big changes, I got trained to be a MEM Practitioner by John and left a comfortable, well-paid, brain-numbing job of 14 years in the mining industry. Got married for the first time, and started teaching Tai-Chi and Gi-Gong, which I had already been practicing for 10 years. Pursued my passion for woodwork and completed a Diploma in Furniture making and design.

I am happy to say today I am still following my passions, teaching Tai Chi and being a MEM Practitioner. I am also training to be a trainer, I can teach people to become MEM Practitioners. And yes, still making sawdust.

It’s truly a pleasure to be with people on a journey to reaching their highest potential.

I would enjoy helping you on your journey.

All the best to you,

Peter Balde


I was introduced to the Mace Energy Method by Peter and had two sessions a couple of months ago. Perhaps I cannot quantify my improvement BUT I do know that I feel mentally revived and happier in my daily life.

I have had some anxiety over the last couple of years and carried guilt for some decisions made in my family situation. Being able to accept and enjoy my nowand not dwell on what if’s makes living and life a wonderful experience.

Peter also had two sessions with my 86-year-old mum some months ago who has suffered depression her entire life due to several traumatic experiences.

Nightly, mum would relive these terrible situations, and this could be seen in her attitude in the mornings. I had slept with her for several weeks a few years ago while on holidays in Europe so I know first-hand her pattern of sleep.

She has attended physiologist’s and psychiatrics’ throughout her life. Now she hardly speaks of the nightmare, perhaps it still creeps in but with less frequency and she seem to be able to accept that it is in the past, which she cannot change.

So, for that I can say.

Thank You Peter.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, quality of life is heaps better than quantity.




I recently had a MEM session with Peter and the results have been life changing! Before MEM I felt I was constantly being “triggered”. My children, my partner & anyone I encountered could set me off on a rollercoaster of emotions without warning, and on a downward spiral. After the session, I felt so light and high, literally like I was floating.

It was amazing. As some time has passed, I notice now, those same triggers just do not occur AT ALL. I’m more patient & kind towards my children, my partner and generally go through life with a sense of quiet joy.

Peter is a great practitioner, his calm demeanor put me at ease from the start and allowed the process to occur without all the usual nerves. I’d highly recommend Peter and MEM, you will have no regrets! Thanks Peter!



You know how in life we all carry baggage, little hiccups that still hurt years later, and as with me one real nasty trauma among all those hiccups, well I don’t anymore, carry them that is, I know they are there but they don’t hurt or weigh me down anymore.

To anyone thinking about trying a MEM session with Peter, I say do it and save yourself the hours of talk and heart ache that you would go through with a normal councilor and trust Peter to guide you to a lighter, happier new you.



I have known Peter Balde for 15 years in his capacity as my Tai Chi instructor and I would also consider him a friend.

In the time I have known him he has been positive and motivational despite facing life challenges both personally and professionally.

I would not be where I am today if it was not for Peter’s help, guidance and superb MEM sessions. Learning how to utilise negatives are a powerful tool!



After 10 years of dismissing the offer of an imagery session with Peter, due to my scepticism, I finally decided to give it a go after my husband of 20 years unexpectedly left me.

Hoping that Peter could bring some peace back to my world and allow me to get on with being a great Mum, I met up with Peter for a MEM session, about 3 weeks after my separation.

Thinking I just needed to get past the rejection, pain and confusion about my marriage, Peter also guided me through other past life events/traumas that I thought I had dealt with, but, obviously hadn’t.

I felt the weight literally fly off my shoulders as I cried tears of relief.

The following day I turned up to an event and all my friends asked what I had done. I looked peaceful and lighter, I was truly happy and free. How could that be so soon after my marriage had ended?

Peter and MEM! An amazing, uplifting, safe and comfortable way to find peace for your future, even for us sceptics! Thanks Pete.


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