Lorie McCloud, mem practitioner

As a grade school child, Lorie heard a tv program about Dorothea Dix, a Civil War era mental health reformer and was profoundly affected by it. It kindled a lifelong passion in her to understand what causes mental illness and to help to heal it if she could. There were no viable answers provided in college so she took up Shamanic healing practices, massage therapy and hospice work. When she heard about the Mace Energy Method on a podcast she wasted no time in reading John Mace’s book. by the time she had finished it, becoming an MEM practitioner was her top priority.

Lorie is totally blind from birth which gives her a unique perspective from which to experience life in this world. She’s a singer/song writer/guitar player. She also participates with several groups interested in death and dying and in afterlife studies and communication. She enjoys doing yoga, walking and swimming with friends, going to concerts and performing her own music.

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