JULIE GANT, TRAINER AND mem practitioner


I practice this amazing breakthrough therapy, Mace Energy Method (MEM) to assist people in simply and effectively freeing their lives of hindering emotional health and well-being issues. I recognise that challenges and experiences are unique to each person, as are their goals and what constitutes an improvement.

My career background involves assisting people of all ages to overcome the personal challenges they face, conquer addictions they struggle with, recover from the injuries they have sustained, and go beyond the physical or mental well-being issues that have limited them. Coupled with the extensive training received from the Causism Institute I continue to work alongside many people and assist to empower them to feel fulfilled.

Emotional health and well-being practitioner utilising the Mace Energy Method (MEM), a lover of life, a creator, an engaged member of the community, and an inspired participant in universal programs that assist the development of an individual’s spiritual growth are some aspects of my life. What energises me is Love, the fabric of all life; the magnificent actions it brings about; people are drawn to selfless service for a united humanity; their endeavours that contribute to the betterment of ever-advancing world society, the gift to strive for, the well being for all.

I’d love to assist you to feel re-energised. Wherever you are right now let’s see how we can work together to recover your energy and have you back feeling comfortable and happy in yourself.

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