Janet Swain, RN, MSN, PMHNP, mem practitioner

Janet is a retired nurse practitioner who specialized in mental health after working many years in the emergency department (ED). She has worked with individuals experiencing trauma, emotional dysregulation, and depression in multiple environments including inpatient, outpatient, jails, military, and institutions.

Janet did her trauma internship at Wright Patterson Air Force Base working with military members and their families dealing with trauma. She learned through her experience in the ED the lasting effects and tragic consequences physical and emotional trauma have on an individual’s psyche.

After many years working in mainstream mental health and witnessing the poor outcomes of this system, she was led to the revolutionary success of the Mace Energy Method (MEM).

Janet is married to Aaron, an airline pilot, and they enjoy traveling and spending time together. She has two children and four grandchildren. She owns Alpha320 Spiritual and Mental Healing where she offers MEM services. You can also find her on Facebook at Alpha320.

Janet lives in McKinney, Texas, USA.

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