Causism™ Theory: Part 2


My own research has produced a unique body of knowledge given the name Causism™. Amongst its momentous discoveries is the element that truly separates it from all established and conventional thinking. It is the element wherein lays the source of all non-survival or non-optimum behaviour. This element, an independent pocket of energy, is best likened to a leech that not only attaches itself to a Human Energy Unit but influences it mightily. Originally created by the Being to handle a single specific situation that was impeding the game of life, it then sits there buried in the psyche unknowingly influencing every other aspect of life.

Remarkably, Causism™ research has not only isolated this element but has also developed a unique and revolutionary technique to neutralize it. How it is done is not the province of this article except to say it is akin to flattening a battery by short-circuiting it and making it lifeless, hence the electronic expression, “The battery is dead!”

Causism™ is built on this credo: “We handle cause not manifestation!” and has a single definition of the mind that indicates a new and revolutionary approach to achieving emotional stability: “The mind is an abstract and intangible entity whose only function is to create a mental image of what the person has their attention on. It has no weight, size, colour or form.”

In 1959 I was a 32-year-old Master Mariner with training, education and experience that emphasized the importance of factual and precise information. Apart from commercial considerations the open sea can be a brutally dangerous place for amateurish ill-informed behaviour. I entered the scene in Perth while on leave from my ship, which I had left in Singapore. Being a navigator I considered myself to be quite knowledgeable about the enigma of time, but when prodded by my brother to analyse it scientifically, I had a profound out-of-body experience that transported me through time and space. It totally changed my life. I entered the exercise as an atheist totally devoid of any belief or awareness of the spiritual side of life and emerged as an individual with totally unshakeable knowledge and awareness of my existence as a timeless spiritual entity residing in a body and playing the game of life. Importantly, I did not become a religious messiah but exactly the opposite. I used my background in matters technical to look at life from a scientific, albeit new perspective.

To digress briefly from this narrative, all Mace Energy Method (MEM) trainee practitioners are put through the same exercise as the first step in their training.

This experience indicated that current mental health thinking, as demonstrated by the many above definitions, has confused the spirit with the mind. The MIND is the MIND and the SPIRIT is the SPIRIT and to quote Rudyard Kipling, neither the twain shall meet!

At the time I was actually in transit to my marital home in Sydney and although I quickly continued my journey there, my journey through life changed dramatically. At bewildering speed, I resigned from my position as a captain and soon found myself employed by the Sydney port authority in the pilot service. Stable shore-based employment provided me with the opportunity to commence delving into the mysteries of life, a pursuit that involved much reading and personal involvement.

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