Causism and the Inner Critic

As the founder of Causism, see definition in the next paragraph, I was very recently introduced to Inner Critic. To say I was surprised at what I read is putting it mildly because I have been researching this same area for well over 50 years and the 50 is not a misprint or typo. As the work unfolded, revealing its incredible truths, I became quite a missionary about it, hence all these years devoted to it.

CAUSISM is the name given to this new body of knowledge. Its name is coined from two common English language words.

  • CAUSE: That which produces a result, effect, or consequence.
  • ISM: a distinctive doctrine, principle, theory, or principle.

My research has not only isolated the source of these unwanted Inner Critics but has also found a means of eradicating them permanently from a person’s psyche. This, to most readers, is an exaggerated and in fact an unbelievable claim, but to use an old saw; the truth is stranger than fiction. I am fully aware that many philosophers down the ages, notably, Aristotle, have wrestled with the Inner Critic concept, and the idea that its very nature is at last understood, is, as just stated almost unbelievable. The research has rewritten the concept of Mind, Body, and Spirit by adding a fourth dimension, Identity, so it now reads MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, and IDENTITY. The latter is, of course, the missing element in understanding human nature, the proverbial but elusive pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow.

Causism research refers to the Inner Critic as a Negative Identity, a decidedly more technical term, so the former will no longer be used in this writing nor has it ever appeared in any of my previous writings. Negative Identities are the product of an upset and no one is immune from this unwanted event. The person who has never experienced an upset is yet to be born, so the words “no one” mean just that in its broadest sense. Negative Identities are the source and cause of every negative attitude, feeling, and non-optimum behaviour that a person experiences.

The word Identity is, of course, that by which we are recognised, and the word Negative speaks for itself, as being non-survival when aligned with life. A full and detailed explanation of Causism is beyond the confines of this article but an explanatory book version, complete with illustrations, is featured on the Mace Energy Method website. At the bottom of this article is a link to our Directory, complete with the names of active, qualified, and experienced practitioners, any of whom would be delighted to assist you.

To expand on an understanding of this revolutionary work, life consists of three universes; the material universe, the energy universe, and one’s own universe. The material universe is composed of all and every form of Matter, visible or otherwise, and the energy universe is naturally composed of the invisible universal element Energy. One’s own universe is composed of everything of which a person is aware. Matter is detected by our senses, sight and feel, etc, whereas the existence of Energy is only detected by the effects it creates. For instance, it causes the hands of a mechanical clock to move. The obvious rejoinder to this is that it is the clock’s spring that causes the movement, but the spring is a material containing locked-up energy, just as a torch battery is a material object with stored or locked-up energy. If and when the spring unwinds it is then only a material entity and will cease to operate the clock. Similarly, a battery is said to be flat when it ceases to hold or create energy and simply remains a physical object. An electric light bulb goes out when a switch turns its power source off.

You are again referred to the book where detailed illustrations are to be found, but briefly, when two opposing energies collide the result is a ridge of energy. In the material sense, the Himalayan mountains are the product of two opposing landmasses, two tectonic plates colliding, each with their own inherent energy attempting to prevail. It is a classic example of the impossible scenario of an irresistible force being confronted by an immovable object. This situation is impossible because in actuality one must prevail, but in doing so we have a great welling up of matter as is the case of the Himalayan Mountains, but ridges of energy as far as we Beings are concerned. In life when the negative energy element prevails we end up with a Negative Identity.

To revert back to human life, all Beings are inherently positive and naturally oppose a negative or non-survival element, hence the circumstances explained above. Unfortunately, life is what it is, even if the positive energy prevails it is effected by the negative element that lies buried in the psyche. The fortunate aspect of the situation is that our technology is able to tap into them and dis-create all negative elements affecting a person, thus allowing the individual to regain their natural sense of well-being and ultimately be in control of their own life. As a digression, this explains the source of the term ‘well-being” meaning a person is imbued with and enjoys a positive and happy demeanour.

To explain the dis-creation process, it is akin to draining the charge of a battery by some mechanical means; the term short-circuiting comes to mind, except in our case it is the positive Being making a connection with a negative element in their life and draining off the negative charge.

A warning! It is not possible to run this procedure solo, you need a third person, as explained brilliantly by the equally brilliant, Leslie D.Weatherhead in his 1935 book, Psychology and Life when he penned this:

The difficulty of observing your own mental processes is that you cannot see yourself by yourself, for when you look at yourself, you are using a bit of yourself to see yourself; so, therefore, it is not the whole of yourself you see, is it?

A Mace Energy Method Therapy Session is a triumvirate; the client, their negative traits, and the practitioner.

Causism, and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method, is well established in many countries with experienced and capable practitioners who would welcome inquiries.

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