CATHERINE POOLE, mem practitioner

Throughout my life as a child and adult, I have always had a desire to not only find peace, happiness, and direction in my own life but also to assist others in finding freedom from life’s disappointments, upsets, and traumas.

After a huge upheaval in my own life and exhausting every avenue in trying to clear my own unwanted feelings behaviours and destructive patterns…my search for answers as to HOW

I was going to move forward and not only be happy, but achieve my dreams, goals, and purpose in life, which led me to Mr John Mace..the founder of the Mace Energy Method & Causism.

I am a registered MEM and Causism Practitioner and have been a part of John Mace’s dream since the Inception of this wonderful method developed in the 80s & 90s.

I have assisted many clients over the years to also gain clarity, freedom, and peace in their own lives resulting in them also achieving their dreams, goals, and purpose in their lives.

I have been nursing since the late 70s and for the past 12 years, I have been involved with Australian Doctors for Africa, in Gastroenterology.
I am also committed to my voluntary medical mission as Nurse Co-Ordinator of 6 Endoscopy units in Madagascar.

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