An Introduction to Intellectual Well-being

‘I’m a born loser!’

‘I can’t get it out of my mind. I feel so guilty!’

‘I’m not good enough!’

‘Why do I keep doing that?’

‘I wish I had his confidence.’

‘If only they knew how I really feel!’

‘That’s how life is, and the sooner I accept it, the happier I will be.’

‘I feel so useless!’

‘Who really am I?’

Deep down within so many of us, amongst the clutter of negative thoughts and actions, these or similar thoughts lie festering. They persist for what seems like every moment of every waking hour of every day. If we do have a positive thought, a negative one quickly takes its place. The worst part is that we know there is nothing that can be done about it because that is how we are; that’s the hand that life has dealt us.

But the good news is, that is no longer true! Now, something can be done about it, as many hundreds of people have already discovered. So why not you? The truth is that beneath all the negativity, the unhappiness, the frustrations, and the apparent impossibility of realizing your dreams are the real you: the happy, positive, and optimistic you.

Causism has created an entirely new paradigm in the field of personal development, health, and well-being. A paradigm of vast proportions and significance in improving interpersonal relationships. Not only is it a quantum leap in an understanding of life, but it’s an unbelievably simple method to alleviate emotional suffering that has put the humanities back on the rails. It truly brought them into the twenty-first century alongside the material sciences.

After years of refinement, the procedures remain simple. They permanently and rapidly erase all negative emotions, and in doing so, restore a person’s sense of well-being and self-worth. The real you emerging is self-empowering, for the procedures indeed enlighten people as to their true nature and potential.

The principle underlying the procedures is to remove accumulated negative alter egos, thereby exposing the true self. The more of these negative alter egos are dis-created, the more there is of the real you, and the more you are in control of your own life. Hence the mission statement, ‘To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams.’ The choice of the word ‘own’ in relation to dreams may sound superfluous. You think your dreams are your own, but not necessarily so, for many people are, for example, saddled with the dreams of their parents.

I once knew a bank manager who took up that profession because of parental pressure, but all he ever wanted to do was be a train driver! This may sound like some childhood fantasy, but when a man in his fifties still talks about that fantasy with a sense of nostalgia, it goes deeper than that – even if it was held while still in the glamour and mystique of a predominantly Steam Age.

I am living my own dream, epitomized in the mission statement. This is why I derive so much satisfaction from clients who tell me that they are now in control of their own lives. The following is an excerpt from a typical unsolicited e-mail from a person in another city, who was helped over the phone. Formerly suicidal, her words speak for themselves. There are many similar testimonials on file.

…The other developments are also interesting. I’m still testing out my ‘new skin’, as it were. I feel quite different and it’s still hard to describe. It’s as if I have fewer limitations all of a sudden. Missing is the sense of despair and foreboding – I no longer wake with the feeling that I want to ‘end it all’.

The benefits of this change are huge. I’m able to focus on the practical aspects of my life without anxiety and fear and don’t see every obstacle as insurmountable, as I did before. I have ‘courage’, something I’ve not had in a long, long time. There had been aspects of my life I previously avoided addressing because they caused so much pain. To be able to look at these issues dispassionately and begin dealing with them is an empowering feeling. I’m stunned that 2 half-hour sessions have had so much impact!

Causism, the body of knowledge that underlies the Mace Energy Method, is an entirely new and revolutionary paradigm in emotional healing and, as with any revolutionary concept, it will have its skeptics. Every new idea spawns its own equivalent of the ‘Flat Earth Society’, and one that challenges the theories and practices of Wundt, Freud, Jung, et al. – in other words, the very foundation of current psychology – is not going to escape controversy.

The Mace Energy Method raises an important and fundamental challenge to the need for narrative content and self-disclosure inherent in current methods of counseling. It has been established beyond any doubt that there is no therapeutic benefit whatsoever in re-living or discussing emotionally distressing experiences and traumatic events. The only disclosure required is how a particular unwanted event affected the person emotionally, such as by making them feel angry, afraid, abandoned, or lonely, etc. – just single words, with no elaboration as to what occurred to make them feel that way.

Very often, the relief expressed by clients when they realize that they do not have to revisit some dreadful event that has occurred in their lives is only equaled by their amazement that a process so seemingly simple can have such far-reaching positive effects.

This unique body of work, which is the result of a 60-year journey, demonstrates how the real you can be recovered. Within my book are the secrets to life that have eluded every researcher since time immemorial.

Too good to be true, you think?

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