Causism is a new body of knowledge, a new philosophy of life. Its name is derived from two Anglo-Saxon words: Cause (to create an effect; to make things happen) and -ism (a doctrine, principle, or system. By application, the Causism is the theory and the Mace Energy Method is the practice. Watch the video below.


The following essays have been written by John Mace, the Father of Causism and the Mace Energy Method.

Learn exactly what Causism is in his own words.


Causism challenges many philosophical ideas that have been held sacrosanct for thousands of years, as well as all the current modalities called mental health therapies. This is where the truths of Causism are very easily demonstrated.

CAusism theories

Causism is built on this credo: we handle cause, not manifestation. It has a single definition of the mind that indicates a new and revolutionary approach to achieving emotional stability. Discover the theoretical foundations of Casism.

Enigma of the Mind

There is incredible confusion in the area of emotional health concerning the nature and role of the mind and the role it plays in life. Read how John Mace’s perspective on the mind which led to the foundation of Causism.

The Search for Emotional Health

John Mace delves into the realms of religion and psychology as he explains why, despite trying, we still encounter emotional challenges, why it’s currently a worldwide phenomenon, and how we can understand its nature.